Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a finished WIP

And when I looked at this just now, I realized that this is a great phrase to claim this morning.

The Georgia Theatre Art Quilt Project is approaching final call. MaggieGrace has suddenly been sidelined with an unexpected CANCER timeout. Well my surgery is Friday and this needed to be finished just in case, so last night I perched on the sofa (like the Queen that I am) and finished it.

My artists statement includes phrases like repurpose, recycle, mixed media art, explore new ways to use normally toss away materials and I have lots of that stuff. (Most people would call it JUNK)

I took a broken record album - no need for those anymore. and printed a guitar shape and the RISE AGAIN phrase out.

I glued it to the album from the back and cut out the shape with the words attached. I love my dremel. Note - this part has been complete for quite some time. I liked it all black, but then, digging thru the stash, I found some lightweight aluminum and decided to feature the GA. Cut the letters and using old print blocks from my buddy VERY MARY, I textured those letters just a bit.
I printed the Logo from the theatre website and relabeled the album.
What I did last night was sitch down my "light show" fabric, add the studs to the background, and USING some E6000 adhesive, glued the cutout down.

Now - I gotta dig in the boxes to find something I JUST KNOW I HAVE. Years ago, I was given a guitar pick by a guy who had all of his printed "timmy on the bass". Lets say I have had my party years, because I really can't even remember what he looked like. But anyway, I know I kept that and I think it is in a little watch box in the stash somewhere. (Go ahead only you other craft stash people understand that). I want to attach that to the smaller lightshow patch. But the thing can be finished just like it is.
A MaggieGrace update. The stress level is high. The emotion levels are high. The area around me is loaded with land mines. I am positive and upbeat 98% of the time. But approach during that other 2% and the trigger sensitivity is increased. Enter at your own risk. Unfortunately The Man at my Address stepped on one of those this morning. My apology was as immediate as I could do it, but I sure would like to be on the other side of this quickly. I have things to turn over that I do automatically, its hard to remember what they are and who to ask to cover it.
Soccer tonight - pre op tomorrow - surgery prep Thursday - Surgery Friday - Full day from hell Saturday. Anyone interested in switching lives with me right now?
Have a great day --- T

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