Monday, April 05, 2010

happy hooking

Wonder how that's gonna affect my search stats.

Thrifted and free yarn normally enters my life in bits. Tangled knarly bits. I'll dump it out and clean it up then add the small bit to my scrap basket.

But sometimes the Easter Bunny is really good to you. Softball Princess came home from soccer on Friday afternoon with a big bag of yarny goodness. And I do mean goodness. Look. Entire sleeves of lustersheen yarn. The purple and orange are really not my colors so I'll be making market bags from them. But that neutral varigated in the back ----- MMMMM. This is from the stash of a lady at church.

So while that is patiently waiting on the corner of the dining room table, I am trying to rid the stash of this bag. Two ply herschnerrs afghan yarn. Some full skeins, some pieces.

I cram a few skeins into my travel bag and at ballgames and other waitings, I add a few stitches. College Girl had her wisdom teeth cut out this weekend so in the waiting room and then at home all weekend, I stitched. It's a quiet activity so I didn't disturb her. (The boy was there most of the time, so I didn't have to do too much. He has been very good to her.)

I posted about crocheting on my facebook and Dana asked what I was working on. This will be a scrappy blanket. The kind we toss in the car for bleachers and ballgames that go on into the cool of the night. It might find its way onto the sofa or a bed - never know.
There is no pattern here. No plan of attack. When I get to the end of a skein, I tie on another and keep on keeping on. That purple you see there - is about a 20 inch little part of the row.

We have several of these floating around. Made by my mom. All of us grab one from time to time and love them. It feels good to snuggle under - by yourself, with somebody, or occasionally the random animal.

While I can read patterns, this is not one. I crocheted a chain until it looked good lengthwise. Double crochet in each chain, chain three, turn, back and forth, mindless, meditative work. MMMMM.

I'll post a picture of it when I finally finish. Meanwhile I got a couple of WIP's that need my attentions this week. More on that tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day.

(College Girl is fine. She's back at work this morning. Still tired and sore, but well on they way to being back to norm. )

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