Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The newest color trend

There is a new color trend here in the south. Houses are being covered in it. Cars too. I have even noticed some floors and furniture this color. Last night, our black lab, Licorice, was in on the color change as well.

Its a bright, chartruese (sp?) almost flourescent yellow green color.

Sherwin Williams, Valspar, Behr all call it the same name ----- POLLEN.

The normally black bumper on my boss' car.
There is no sticky left on this spider web. Look closely - the poor little spider in the middle may starve, all he has captured is pollen grains. When you look across the landscape, even the air is yellow, hazy, almost as thick as fog. (that's Earl and Sugar in the picture)

A slightly different view of the web.

Last night I crocheted squares together on my little granny blanket. After bootcamp. My blue shorts were coated with a granular yellow. My dark green tshirt too. You can even fell the grainy texture on your skin. Nasty.

Happens this time every year. Tomorrow the weather men are predicting rain. And for a few days there will be less of it in the air. Welcome to springtime in Georgia.

Have a wonderful day.

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