Monday, April 12, 2010

light duty until

eta - Surgery is scheduled on Friday morning. April 16th.

I am at work. STOP ---- THE DOC SAID I COULD.

I cannot lift anything heavier than a coke bottle. I had a few things to tie up. So I am taking care of those. The emergency bleeding is over - so now we will proceed at a little less stressful pace. They will schedule an OR and a team to remove my left kidney.

I will post the date here.

You guys are great. The support from all the world has poured in. I am so appreciative of every comment and every prayer.

Now I shall confess -- MaggieGrace - Teresa - SHE IS SCARED. There - said it - fessed it up - move on.

They are 98% sure this is cancer. A word I refused to bow down to 14 years ago. A word I refuse to bow down to now. Only now I am stronger. Surrounded by better people to support me. While I am sure there are going to be pity party moments in the next few weeks, I know they will pass. Please bear with me.

I will try to post thru the process and will for sure be back as I recover. You may get random posts from those around me. Although I am a little concerned about how giving some people access to this blog could affect what you guys think of me LOL.

Again I thank you for your support -

I hope you guys have a blessed day.

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