Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I've got several things started. I've got a list of items that people want. I've got a list of "house" things I want to do. So the next couple of weeks are gonna be WIP finishes.

I AM ALSO NOT ADDING TO THE STASH. Hoarding a kidney stone and all that other crap in my studio is bad enough, so this project will be my focus one for right now. (the afghan I spoke of yesterday is the travel project, so I kinda don't count it.)

The great big bag of yarn that the Easter Bunny brought also included these..........

A big pile of granny squares. I am not adding to the stash.... repeat.... I am not adding to the stash. So I grabbed a vinyl tablecloth and flipped it over, to make a tacky (as in sticky) design surface and went to the front porch on Sunday evening. In the sun. Yummy. I arranged these in a random (kinda) pattern.

The problem with these is that they came with lots and lots of tails.

Have I mentioned that I hate to weave in tails? I hate it enough that I always weave mine in as I go, because I can tolerate one at a time much better than bunches of them. But after I spread these out, I sat in the porch glider and proceeded to turn those tails into this..........

A little pile of ends. I am about a third of the way finished. I will be making a small "baby" sized granny blanket out of these and three skeins of worsted weight yarn from the same bag. The blanket will go with our church mission team to Mexico. No stash hoarding. I'll be updating you as I get closer to finishing this.

Also on the target list is my quilt square for the Georgia Theatre Project and Soccer Senior Recognition night materials.

Have a wonderful wonderful day.

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