Thursday, April 08, 2010

a post with no pix

An update of sorts. There is no kidney stone. More than likely wasn't one.

When the xray tech shakes her head. And the practitioner shakes her head. And the doctor shakes his head. Changes are good the soon to be occuring discussion is not gonna be pretty.

There are details that follow this that are medically graphic and pretty much gross..... Consider yourself warned.

I got up around 2am to pee.

Urine stream stops abruptly.

Urine is bright red with blood.

There is no more pee coming no matter what.

phone call doctor - they work me in - 2 hours in waiting room - NO DAMN STONE. Add to this now - they don't take my insurance. Discuss with money people, decide to see doctor and pay this out of pocket.

Add monkey tail (catheter) I get to keep it until monday. Bright red blood. Look at images - nope - NO STONE.

Blood culture - urine culture - tests for abnormal cells (the "c" word) Treat it right now as if it is a serious infection. Teach me care and feeding (just kidding) of monkey tail.

For now - I am uncomfortable - monkey tail is larger than the tube so the constant urge felt to go. Then there are tubes acroos my stomach and down my leg to a bag full of still bright red urine.

The last thing the doc said -- relax, go about your business as normal, have a good weekend, see you monday?

Is spitting the phrase "yeah right" an appropriate way to end that conversation?

Me and monkey tail are headed to concession duty tonight, senior night stuff tomorrow night, and then west georgia college on Saturday for volleyball. Sunday School on Sunday - then maybe answers on Monday morning. Oh and here I sit at work.

YEAH RAH -----

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