Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

MaryAnn and I are doing a word collaboration. My first word was Celebrate (July). She then chose the word for August (Change). I did a few repurposing projects. But we also tackled a huge CHANGE at our house.

Softball Princess and College Girl have shared a room all these years. Mind you it is a huge room. But Softball Princes requested a room redo now that College Girl is only here part time. We have been putting money aside for the project, but like so many people, the "right time" was just not here.

Then came this challenge and we all attacked that room redo --- Here is my big CHANGE project for the month of August.

This house is over 100 years old and has no closet space. Dad built these curtained enclosures in two corners when the girls were little. Check out the dusty rose panels ( twin sheets) The broad shouldered topless man is The Man at My Address. I also have to say that Softball Princess did a significant amount of the work on this one. (Fun note - that big St. Bernard dog was a gift from The Man to me for my 16th birthday - I'm 45 now. That makes this do like really really old.)

Blogger will NOT turn this picture back. The floor was cheap white vinyl. It was pretty awful. White walls and pale grey trim.

There was also this handpainted border. College girl was three when I painted this. She's 20. Can you say serious time for a redo!!!!!
I did not watch when they painted over it.
Here you go --

While there is still work to do, the hard part is done. Dark purple paint. (indigo night in the paint and primer from behr --- love it -- still took two coats) Ultra white trim.

Good quality snap together flooring in wood toned squares - cherry finish. Abby picked this out - I didn't argue - these are gorgeous. I will use this same brand in my bathroom and laundry room soon. Most likely in a plank style rather than these squares.

Since this room has two double beds, two closet enclosures, a desk, chest of drawers, dresser, and entertainment center setup, we reworked the furniture to give them more space. The entertainment center stacked on the dresser. (The room is 17' by 15')

The closet enclosures got new curtains (white twin sheets.)

The girls are happy. I am happy. Dad is happy. Thank you MaryAnn for playing these word games with me.

It is now my turn to pick a word. This still needs completion. I have other things that need to be completed.


September 1 brings more tests - and procedures. Thank you all for you prayer and encouragement. Keep praying - I (we) will eventually get good news. Because "my story is not over yet."

I have a beautiful life.

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