Wednesday, December 16, 2009

College Girl is in the house

The tree is partially done. I say partially because it is a major thing at my house to tell the stories.

I'll add the icicles last -- that's Mom's job. That and the untangling of the lights.

I went to bootcamp first. Came home and went to the Huddle House for an omlet for supper. Then returned home to find College Girl and her boy - Sam - ready to unpack ornaments and get on that tree. BTW -- I like having her home. Softball Princess was off visiting with her boy. All these boys........

College Girl added elf attire.

Looks a little demonic here -- Big tree - she is 6 feet tall and was standing on a chair to reach the top of the tree.

She squealed and giggled and was generally her normally bubbly "hey, look at this" self. Unpacking the ornaments was a whole lot of fun. Star Trek and Star Wars light and sound ornaments were the fun ones for the night.

But her reaction to this was completely unexpected.

Pics follow the preamble ---

Imagine a toddler and a very nice ceramic Nativity that was a wedding gift from my Lovely MIL - Ann. Add in another porcelain Nativity that was also a wedding gift and little toddler hands wanting to hold baby Jesus. RECIPE FOR DISASTER - but soon disaster is averted.

Mom grabbed scrap 2x4 lumber - a pattern from a Spirit of Christmas book - and various assorted other crafty items and made this..........

A toddler friendly, wood block nativity.

Both those girls told the Christmas Story over and over with this thing.

I packed it up years ago and never gave it a thought. I just would leave it on the shelf each year. In my mind it was a "child's toy" and maybe I would break it out again in the future when Grandchildren entered the picture.

Well, The Man at my Address was taking the boxes down last night and he brought that blue box down.

College Girl ---- sharp intake of breath followed by "YOU FOUND IT" squealed in that high pitched voice only girls can do. The child (adult) giggled and danced and squealed and unpacked. Stopped everything she was doing to put this out on the chest in front of the sofa.

She told Sam about playing with it. We talked about why I made it. It was one of those Christmas Memories of hers that I had no idea about. Her reaction to this unlost box being "found" made me realize again how important things are to a child.

I made my night. It has made my day today. In all honesty-- right now I am thinking that reaction may be the best Christmas gift yet.

If you are a regular reader, you know I pondered this a lot after it happened. Obviously one very important memory for my child did not cost me anything but time. An amazing story of the Christ child's birth told over and over between me and my then small girls using a crudely and quickly crafted nativity set equals beautiful memories of Christmases past.


An amazing story - initially told by the angels to the shepherds. And for so many years now to all the world.

A quickly decided stay in a crude stable by two unlikely parents.

EQUALS --- the best Christmas Gift for the entire world ever.

I am so blessed that my family had the opportunity to hear and respond to that story.

Now I know this nativity will not be relegated to the attic until the Grands come along. This nativity will be on display each and every year -- because people -- sharing that story with even the smallest children is a memory worth making.

Have a blessed day --- I know I am.

And because this conversation is just too funny not to share. College Girl and the boy are hanging ornaments on our live cedar tree.
COLLEGE GIRL: Hey Sammy, smell my hand.
SAM: You didn't like scratch you butt or something, did you?

Only in my world will that be a Christmas Memory.

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