Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hanging In There

B2B pinned the image above over on her board. A gift for her bridesmaids. 

We went back and forth for a bit. Name - monogram - name monogram. Settling finally on a monogram. 

Then I went looking for scripty letters and printed out the ones we needed. 

The blank hangars came from Bed,Bath and Beyond and they are very inexpensive. To purchase the completed ones online they were about 15.00 each. Now because we are doing all of this ourselves I knew that .75 cents each was a better way to go. 

Plus I had everything I needed to accomplish this. Once I finished it and figured my time in, honestly the hangers online are very reasonably priced. 

I used tracing paper and a pen and marked the initials on the hangars. 

They look like this after that step (not to worry about the funky lines on that wide part of the script)

Wood burning tool in hand with a multipurpose tip, I burned the initials into the wood. I like this tip. I use it almost exclusively. Note - I was only doing five of these, but more than that, I would have needed some ventilation. The hangars have a finish on them that has a fairly nasty smell as it burns through. 

Rustic - but simple - these will be tied at the base of the hook with some ribbon and lace. 

I think they turned out wonderfully. 

Cross this project off the Bridesmaids list. 


Have a wonderful day.

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