Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Little Peek

The first ATC have arrived at their destination (home). Got an email from Jen and now that she has them I thought I would give you a quick look. Lisa - yours are totally different. But just a teaser - your words are FLY - SOAR - GLIDE. I do hope these come out as well as I envision. I was very happy with the first ones.

Now some things I am working on. Nancy is a friend of mine. I grew up across the road from her husband. They married and moved away, but came back here a few years ago. They have two fantastic kids. Their daughter was at school with Abby and Abby and friends invited her to visit our church. Long story short - now we are all friends. During basketball season, Nancy annouced that they are expecting their third child - God, I would stroke if it were me - The other two are both middle school. Ask Nancy today how she is and her answer is "38 and pregnant, that should tell you". They are a beautiful family and I want to do something special for them - so a baby shower is in order and something handmade as well. The blanket above is of this gorgeous, soft, and hellacious yarn to work with. This is bright colored like the nursery they are doing. About 1/2 finished. Said new baby is a girl - they have a name - but she will be princess to all of us.

Any ideas for a baby shower for someone who has already done all of this? I am thinking on using the pink and bright colored crowns and maybe using princess and the pea type theme. Food - decor - games- etc.? I want the entire family to know how precious they are to me and my family.

This bright and colorful patchwork is part of a gift for a really cute little girl named Cierra. (See MaryAnn I can tease too. ) This will go in the mail - probably Monday - and is a really late birthday gift for a new blog friend's daughter. This was fun to do and totally different in color choice and style than I would normally do.

I want to say how grateful I am to all of you who read my blog. The comments I receive are very encouraging to me. I do hope you will leave some record that you were here when you visit. This started as a way to share small parts of me. As it has already started to evolve, I find myself part of a group, a community of sorts. The kind of place where you can just really be yourself without any masks. I treat this as a journal of sorts, where I can work through thoughts and ideas, about life, my roles in that life, creativity, faith, challenges and, through visiting others blogs, I see that others have had this same evolution occur. I find myself wanting to know all of you better. I find myself wanting you to know me better. To all of my newfound blog friends - thank you. To all of my friends who were drug into visiting this blog because you already knew me - thank you. I do hope you will continue to visit and let's get to know each other even better.

"There is nothing better in life than to have someone to laugh with, just because you think the same stuff is funny" Anon

This quote is dedicated to a certain person who thinks things are funny at sometime inappropriate times. We have discussed this at length and very often we really think alike on more than just the funny stuff.

Have a beautiful day.


MaryAnn said...

Ooh! How fun! And I am sending a package out in tomorrow's mail:)

jen b said...

I love my atc's! thanks again for including mein your project :)

lisa said...

cool! This set looks great! Can't wait to get mine. Maggie, you've inspired me to deem June the 'use what you have' month! I'm not buying any craft related item for the month of June and just using what I have. It's only June 2 and it's tough already! But I can do it! ;-)

ellia said...

i love the princess and the pea theme!!!! i have to say that is just a fantastic idea!!!!