Tuesday, August 01, 2006


For those of you who signed up for the ATC indulgence with me, your ATC are in process. As promised they will all have a word on them and I will choose carefully the design to fit the words. The words for each set will define a theme.

I have dug through my stash and am only using what I had at the beginning of the challenge for me. I am trying new mediums and/or designing the layout if I chose a medium I was already comfortable with. I am comfortable with cross stitch - but I designed the layout of the cross stitch sets.

The photo is of a set in process.

If you signed up, your name is on this list. The list is in no particular order, and I am working on them as the inspiration occurs. I have each set on a planning card and I shuffle through and have started creating "piles" to go with them. This has been incredibly challenging. The best part though is when the muse strikes. When that happens, it is almost effortless to complete the cards. I worked on some on my trip and some are in the car with me at all times. I have ideas for all of them and as a result of the challenge I gained a ton of quotes for my collection.

Thanks for your patience as I started this.

Now for the list.

1. HEATHER - rest, relax, renew mailed 9-12-2006
2. KRISTIN - travel, explore, experience mailed 9-11-2006
3. LALHEG - dinner, drinks, movie (she also gets a set from MOLLY)
4. ANNI - rock, country, jazz
5. RAESHA D. - sexy, sensual, seductive
6. METALLYPTICA - structured, straightlaced, confined
7. SHELLEY J - imagine, inspire, dream
8. CAROLYN - respect, admire, understand
9. MARYANN - comfort, balance, luxury
10. TAMMIE D - courage, hope, strength
11. PATTI DOBBS - heart, mind, soul
12. AUDREY - layers, stacks, rows
13. GROOVYHOLLY - reclaimed, recycled, reused
14. LESLY - face, hand, feet
15. MEGHAN - mermaid, fairy, angel
16. GRACEY - talk, listen, share
17. KOOKA - earth, wind, water
18. SWAPMEETSALLY - sun, moon, sky
19. DAWN - worship, rejoice, celebrate
20. JULIE - dance, skip, run
21. LISA - fly, soar, glide mailed 9-11-2006
22. COREY AMARO - emotion, passion, desire
23. JENANDJULES - love, friendship, committment
24. CONTESSA CHRIS - fun, amusement, delight
25. KATIE - home, family, friends
26. laugh, giggle, play - these are already in their new home.

I am excited to be re- entering the USE WHAT I HAVE CHALLENGE for the month of August. I am most likely going to do this again in October. That will be 3 months out of this year without a purchase of craft supplies. A 90 day challenge and I do love a challenge.

Many thanks to all of you for visiting here and letting me know you stopped by. I do love comments and I hope you will take the time to leave a few.

Have a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

I am so intrigued now...I am really liking those three words next to my name :o)

Metallyptica said...

As Audrey I'm really intrigued!! I can't wait to see what I'm getting! :)

Oh the joy of waiting!! :) :)

Dawn said...

This looks like fun. I will look forward to seeing the results of this project..

lalheg said...

If you ever visited the UK my 3 words would be the least I would do! I'm so excited and to receive from Molly too - fabulous

Stephanie said...

I have just gotten into ATCs, I can't wait to see what you come up with!