Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Girls and the shoes...

JenB has been hosting a photo swap of shoe pictures. MaryAnn posted about shoes yesterday. Well I have teenage daughters - and since we talk randomly about things like this - they produced the photo cd's that had these pictures on them. Both are the shoes from spring of last year, but both pair have seen lots of wear in the months since they were purchased.

Miss Molly is right at 6' tall. She had her big growth spurt in middle school. It was horrible. Everyone - boys included were several inches shorter than she was. The result was one of slouching and trying to look shorter. Always flats.

Then she arrived in high school and discovered volleyball. All of a sudden she was the same height as her peers and it was a good thing. Sports are great for girls self esteem - especially if they are successful in their chosen sport. Over these years of school - we have watched Molly emerge as a strong and confident person. While she still wears a lot of cute flat shoes - these were her choice to wear as Junior Marshall at graduation last year. Anthro inspired sling backs. She wore these with a 40's style polka dot dress. Stunning.

Now these - Miss Abby's first school dance that involved dressing up. The dress came first and then we searched for DAYS AND DAYS for the right shoes. Abby has always been the tomboy. She never minded getting dirty. Lived in shorts and either flip flops or athletic shoes. No nail polish for her. She was an athlete and she took it seriously. Middle school again. We watched this pretty but tomboy child emerge as a gorgeous young lady. The one who now wears that subtle soft makeup and ALWAYS has the nails polished - takes that as seriously as ball practice.
We finally found these shoes at Payless and they were perfect with the dress and perfect with the newly discovered feminity of the girl wearing them. Boy have these been on heavy rotation between both girls this year.
eta - Molly made the black and white necklace and earrings. One of a kind from assorted beads we seem to always have around -- Hello my name is Teresa and I have a stash problem......
I really wish we all wore the same size - I'd be adding these to my rotation if we did.
Please share some of your shoes and their stories.
I am so excited about Thursday night. I will be hooking up in Atlanta with Carrie. I am a little nervous about it, but oh so very excited. She left a comment for me and I discovered how close we live to each other. (not as close as Elizabeth and I - but still close enough) Dinner is definitely in the plan - don't know about the rest of the evening. I cannot wait.
Happy Tuesday - not too many pranks please.


Carrie said...

I'm so extcited too! If you want, we can go shopping afterwards, the mall has this cool bead store I love to drool in.

Anonymous said...
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