Monday, July 06, 2009

Beware .......

Crisis is temporarily over. My sister lost her mind - nutted up - something. She left town with some guy who promised her the world on myspace. She left her husband and children and simply walked away. He was a con artist. He took all her money. We did retreive her and her car. This has been the week from hell. The really scary part - she is 42 years old - old enough to know better - and she was a uniformed officer for the local sherriffs department. Warn your children and friends about all of this.

Her reasons were selfish. Unnecessary stress on all of the family. The outcome could have been so much worse. After 1000 miles and 16 hours in my vehicle on Saturday, we did retreive the vehicle and bring her home safely. I should be grateful for that.

Instead - I am pissed. I can't stand to talk to her. She told us lies and now is making up more lies to try and cover her tracks. I have not heard a "thank you" or an "I'm sorry." The reality is she doesn't want to talk to me either, she only wants to be surrounded by those who are buying her "sob story"

Today - MaggieGrace has nothing good to say - so I'll be taking a short break. I am holding a personal prayer meeting about my feelings and praying that her husband and children can piece some semblance of family back together.

Hope your weekend was better than mine.


Julie Ann Grakowsky said...

OMG- That is terrible. For you, for her, for her Family. I'm so sorry you had to drive 1000 miles this holiday weekend because of the selfish choices she made. You are such a giving, caring person; in time you will be able, maybe not to understand why she would ever do something like that, but to forgive her for putting everyone she cares about through that kind of situation. But it's got to be really tough taking care of her and not feeling or hearing some kind of gratitude from her.

You are a wonderful person- there are many people out there who would not have done what you did.

Thank you, also, for your latest comment on my blog. :) I will be thinking about you and I hope that things will get better very soon. *hugs*

Lannae Johnson said...

Thinking of you...don't hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Of course, I'll be praying!

Carrie said...

Big hugs, my prayers are with you and your sister's family. I hope she can get her act together.

Karen at Junking in Georgia 2009 said...

Think you are a loving sister to make such an effort to save your Sister and happy the outcome wasn't tragic. Do you think she should be checked out by some docs?... including some head docs.. sounds as if she is having some trouble with reality ( hers is pretty ugly right now having to face what she has done to her loved ones) take care of yourself

Anonymous said...

Hey Teresa, I have a sister, who trusts people she meets online too. Nothing she does surprises me anymore. If you need a listener, please let me know and I am on facebook too. Jennifer Grenko