Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Thank you...

Thank you to everyone who reached out either via comments, phone calls, or emails about the scenario with my little sister.

FYI - I am looking but haven't yet found the right outfit to wear on the Jerry Springer show (laugh people - it was supposed to be funny)

The nightmare continues. Late yesterday - I received a call from my bank - my account has been put on hold for unusual usage. See, she had wiped out their money so there was no money to retreive her vehicle from Ocala, FL. I took off and used my debit card to buy gas and food for all of us for the trip. Thus - unusual usage. I had to go this morning and verify all the charges to release the hold. Thank goodness we did not need to use that account. It makes me sick to think about all this and the anger at her for being so selfish and stupid was/is eating me alive. At least I am not in her house trying to sort through all of it. I just pray for her entire family as they struggle with this. She has an adult son and a teenage son, along with her husband who are all trying to come to terms with it. Please continue your prayers, that really is all that anyone can do at this time.

I thought about all of this as I checked my facebook this morning and found friend requests from people I had never heard of. Just so you guys know, if I send you a request on facebook, I will add a personal comment about this site so you will know it is me.

Beings stressed last night - and skipping boot camp because of dealing with things - left me NEEDING some exercise. Abby was at soccer practice. So I left to go pick her up early and walked HARD for 1.5 miles while I waited for her to finish. It felt good to physically move and get some of the stress out of my body.

Then I came home and found my center - MaggieGrace goodies called my name. I soldered and cleaned, then punched display cards for the pendant charms and mounted them.

I got new favorites......

The deer is punched from wood veneer and then stained. There is an oak leaf punch on the reverse side. I think I will do more of these and stamp a gold embossed backdrop for him. The tiny roses were cut from a piece of vintage paper from the En Le Jardin SWAG bag. This is a smaller charm (.5 x 2.5 inches) and has vintage music on the back side.

I also finished this one - designed by the College Girl for a friend of hers. It is reversible to gold paper on the other side. I like the silhouette punchout of the star that will show either skin or clothing color through. The little beaded charm is fun too.

I'll be selling these as just the charms, but people can add a knotted leather lace necklace like above for 2.00 or a stainless ball chain for 4.00. I have one ball chain that I just switch my pendants on so I would buy this as just a charm and be good to go.

Tonight is Boot Camp and then I am trying to figure out a way to make my table displays. I also have some floral china and glass candlesticks to glue together to make tiered serving pieces.

Thanks again for all your encouragement and support. This sister thing is absolutely the most bizarre thing I have ever experienced. Jerry Springer style stuff is supposed to happen to other people.

Have a wonderful day.


Julie Ann Grakowsky said...

Sooo... going to Springer, eh? Just have one question- will you be getting your Jerry Springer beads?!!

I'm glad to read (hear?) you are keeping your spirits up about the situation- your humor always makes me laugh, and then don't I look silly, laughing at a computer screen :)

I will keep sending little prayers up for all of you.


PS- Your charms are so pretty! Are you selling them through a website?

Lannae Johnson said...

You know if you're going on Jerry Spring, I'M helping pick out the outfit!!! Glad to see you've not lost your sense of humor or your crafting abilities/talents. If you're working on table displays for November, you are way too on the ball for me...you're making me nervous! Love what you're making :) Hang in there!