Thursday, July 02, 2009


Hey everyone - a quick update based on some of my comments about my loss of dignity. The instructor for boot camp is a certified instructor and there are myriad medical professionals in the participants. I have not been unsafe in any way - I grew up in the south and have two athletes in my house. Me and the Man used to be athletes. I am staying hydrated before during and after my workouts. I am eating so much healthier and, while I am sore and stiff and challenged by this program, I am beginning to see and feel the "good" results of this effort.

Enough of that - we are having a really stressful time in my family right now. Not my immediate family, this is an extended issue. The kind of thing that is a result of really bad decisions.

The Man at My Address is off this week - I am working. Yesterday he put the AC in my studio --- YEAHHHHH -- now I can escape to MaggieGrace World and get some relaxation.

He also called yesterday afternoon and he and the Softball Princess had taken off to the lake fro the afternoon. They packed up the stuff to grill and we had an impromptu evening of dinner and swimming. Then Softball Princess drove home.

Oh and Happy Birthday Granddaddy - he will be 81 on Sunday.

Did you know that the best "buns of steel" workout is riding with your teenage child in the dark for the first time? The clenching of your butt cheeks on the seat = great workout. Those of you who are parents of teen drivers will know what I speak of.

I love the lake. Sunset is my favorite time of the day there. The water smooths down, the air is warm, not hot, the water temp is near perfect. We swam - then got the floats and sat in the water and watched the sunset.

Look ---

I love shoe and feet shots so I took a few. Flip flops -- live in them when I am not at work. These are my favorites today.

The result of many days of ballfield sitting. Tan lines.

Yes the shore is rocky - not great beach walking at all. At least the lake bottom where we were is the same way - I hate an icky bottom.

As we were leaving last night, I spotted this.

Love it when the universe sends its love. I didn't even edit this - the heart was really that red on this leaf. My family just shrugs and shakes their head when I grab the camera for these shots.

All in all a nice evening - good food - relaxing swim. I love the feel of lake water on my skin.

Did I alreay say --- AHHHHHHHHHHH?

Have a great day.


Julie Ann Grakowsky said...

LMAO over your "buns of steel" comment!!!

What a gorgeous lake you live near! Hopefully you can spend lots of time there this summer- when you're not making beautiful, magical things, of course!

Lannae Johnson said...

Sounds like a great time at the lake. So, when can I come play in a newly air conditioned Maggie Grace World?

Roxie said...

The way I drove as a teenager, it's a wonder my parents didn't have buns, abs and thighs of steel.

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