Wednesday, February 24, 2010


How old am I??????

Too damned old to party all night and then go to work the next day.

I was the taxi driver for the College Girl and Mormon Boy last night. A concert in Atlanta. Got home at 2 am and I am exhausted today. They went to the concert - I went to IKEA - then starbucks - then a pub - then back to my car and had the law called on me. I was parked under a streetlight near the band's tour buses. The kids texted me that it was almost over and I went to the car to wait for them. Apparently the band security guys thought I was a risk to the group's security - and called the law. TOOO FUNNY!!! The cops were great - they thought it was funny too.

Now that my Art Play Day is over, I am attempting to get my crap together on some other things. I bought rails at IKEA to complete a pot rack for the kitchen. I have plans to move a few pieces of furniture around in the house. I want to make some new curtains for my bedroom and bathroom - completely redo the Softball Princess room - and on and on and on. What I want to know is how so many people get so much done. It seems like many bloggers accomplish so much in their life and homes and I am spinning my wheels.

There are times when it seems that all I can do is get the dishwasher loaded and the dogs fed.

Today is not a day to be pondering this - I need sleep - but tonight will be another busy night. Soccer Game an hour and a half away.

Catch ya'll tomorrow.

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