Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Stash burning....

Thank you all for the encouragement on that last post. My weight issues were deep emotionally seated. The entire process has been hard, no excruciating, at times. Struggling with anorexia as a teenager after my Dad was killed causes me to be overly cautious about food and exercise obsessing. Then beating myself up, but not doing anything about it for many years of becoming fatter and fatter. Now I am very aware of my mental state when these things come up. I try to deal with them the best I can when it happens, so things don't pile up in those great big suitcases of shit we all carry around. I have unpacked so much of my mental baggage crap and I like not having all that weight to carry around. Last night found me focused and working hard at BootCamp. It was a good thing.

The bad thing about the baggage unpacking is that I can easily offend people if I am not careful. I just don't let things go that really need to be dealt with. I will generally not be confrontational, but if I think there is a problem that I need to deal with, I am going to get it out in the open. My sister is a casualty of that new mindset. She remains angry and distant from me for saying some things that simply had to be said.

Oh well -- onto the stash busting.

Look in my sidebar and you will see the destash along button. Fun stuff.

I sat down this weekend and made these.

Cards. Blank on the inside. All made from the stash.

Papers -- stickers -- envelopes. About an hour of studio time. I love my studio. I am doing fairly well at keeping it organized and that makes it fun to work in there.

Isn't this little one cute. I loved these stickers, but kept hoarding them. No more hoarding of these - they are winging their way out into the mail system.
Last night I escaped back to the studio again. I grabbed the Sizzix, a Spellbinders butterfly die, and the scrap box. Punched wings. Then stamped and embossed pretty fairy faces. Got out the button jars and tins and matched up button bodies for the fairies.

Don't you love that printer's tray? Tonight, I will glue the fairy faces to flat back marbles, then wire the buttons and beads. An easy task while I watch Biggest Loser tonight.

STASH BUSTING TRACKER --- These projects are 100% stash

BootCamp again tonight ---- crazy to be doing in this cold cold rainy weather.

Have a wonderful day.

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