Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Babble

Have not been here in a few days. Everything is fine, just busy busy still.

I dropped by to share some - random babble from the last few days.

Softball Princess - starting to the restroom at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant.
Dad: "Do you know where it is?"
SP: "The same place it is in every Cracker Barrel."
Me: "Your door will have G-I-R-L-S or L-A-D-I-E-S or WOMEN on the sign."
SP: Deadpan delivery with triangular indicating finger motion "You know I can't read I'll just look for the little dress."
WAITRESS: Hysterical Laughter.

"Dammit dog - drop it - that's my shoe."
"Dammit dog - drop it - that's my hat."
"Dammit dog - drop it - that's my lunchbox."
"Here dog - drop it - swap for a treat."
"Dammit man at my address - that's why she's grabbing things - she thinks it is a way to get a treat."

Uttered at a soccer game on Tuesday night. Actual temperature 26 degrees F. Wind whipping through the stadium. "MY CHEEKS ARE COLD _ BOTH SETS."

Yes - this is my life - these conversations and others of highly similar ones occur all the time. I am so enjoying this ride.

Have a wonderful day.

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