Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm Back

Thank you all so much for checking on me. I am fine. Nothing is wrong. We have been busy at work. I was out of town this weekend. But now I am back and I got goodies to share.

Over the weekend - I had an adult playdate with some creative ladies. Rosalyn-Sue from Little Bluebird Diaries invited a few of us to her house for a day of fun, fellowship, and sugar overload.

Here is the sample of what we were to make.

What she didn't tell us was that she would go all out to treat us to the most wonderful day ever. There were purchased sweets to stuff our hearts with - pretty isn't it.

Oh - the macaroons weren't purchased. Rosalyn-Sue made them. Heavenly does not even begin to describe the taste.
I was not at the top of my game so I made the basic heart - using the materials she provided. I do have some additional things I want to add. The heart below is mine.

Okay here is the fun stuff. We all want to see into other people's worlds - right. Well Rosalyn-Sue and her family have a beautiful home. From an Anthro inspired master bedroom - to a vintage plane inspired room for 3 - year old Coe Polk, it was the kind of home that feels like a huge amount of love lives here.

Rosalyn-Sue is an amazingly beautiful person too. Driven to give the very best of herself to her family and friends and the non-profit agency she runs, she is unassuming and kind and genererous and inspires me and so many more to keep improving themselves. I am in awe of her.

Operation Stars and Stripes is handled through her home office and craft room. Let's call the envy of the space what it really was. OMG - I AM SO JEALOUS - I WANT ONE OF MY OWN.

Look ........
Left to right -- Suzanne, Jen, and Rosalyn-Sue. This is only half of the room -- yes you heard that right only half.

Below is Suzanne's beautiful "cherry blossom" heart. In progress. Oh yes - Rosalyn-Sue opened her stash to us to mix and match with our own things.
Below is Jen's lace confection.

Now - because I am sufferring from the green eyed monster - and I want you to as well - below is the other half of the room - tables set up for us. Planty of glue gun outlets. Music. Look closely - at the back wall - a candy confection bar --

Others not in these pictures were - little ol' me, Sherry from Rose Cottage, and Jen Grenko - who to my knowledge has not broken down and set up her sweet self a blog.

There was also lunch - and shopping (in the sleet). Ending in a trip to the most wonderful little stamp store.

I bought a Spencerian Script inspired stamp and some white ink and white embossing powder. All new for me. I don't think I am in love --- I KNOW IT.

The white ink and embossing on this dark grey - LOVE. The paper is a sample from a thrift store and I simply glued a white paper to the back for a card flat.

I also made a couple of flat using the entire image of the toile stamp. I use this face for the face of my button fairies.

There was another stamp purchased and I can't wait to use it. Can you say ANGELS? I am working on an idea - more to come on that.

I am having my own crafty day coming up - I hope the ladies who are coming to see me will have a wonderful day like I did here. Check in at the links for more (and much better) pictures to come from this event.

It was wonderful - we were made to feel like princesses - I cannot tell you how sweet Rosalyn Sue is. I hope to see all these people again - SOON.

Have a great day.

Oh - I saved a few pix of details from the day - to use when I got nothing of my own - not only does she have a beautiful home and a craft room from heaven - she has way cool details too.

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