Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow days (MaggieGrace too)

What a snow day looked like to Softball Princess and Poca dog. (of course there must be texting)
Big Dog - Licorice - loved it. He pulls his blanket out of his house. Crazy fool. But look, the snow matches his grey hair.

Saturday morning found me baking homemade banana bread - don't you love my red mixing bowl. I have no idea where I got it.

There were snow angels after breakfast - yes that is me. College girls version is to my left. Folks it has been years since I made a snow angel.

Evidence that I am an angel - there are no horns in that imprint . LOL

Mom and College Girl - no make up - squinty eyes - the sun was brilliant reflecting off the snow - and it was in the twenties Saturday morning.

Poca Dog loved it. Here she is on the big run between the two buildings.

She can get in this barn from the run but she would rather play in the snow.

The neighbor's bench was really pretty.

Love notes in the snow.

My house - this is an angle I never photograph, but those curved steps are one of my favorite features.

The smokehouse was really pretty too.

A close up of those curved steps and the attached wall - that wall stretches into the front yard.

I love the contrast in this picture.

And the seat almost looks tufted.

An almost endless and everchanging pile by the kitchen door.

It was a sweet southern snow - lasted a day - enjoyable - but did not keep us cooped up in the house. I got out and played for the first time in many years. I can't describe how much better I feel physically this year. But as I returned from my crisp morning walk, I looked at the sun on the snow (God it was gorgeous) and thought about how different my life is now. I have a life that is full - beautiful - challenging some days - but how wonderful it all is.

Now for a MaggieGrace sneak peek for tomorrow.....

Did you know ?????????

That you can stamp and emboss ...........


More on that tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day.

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