Monday, February 22, 2010


My playdate with friends was Saturday. I stressed and stressed over getting everything ready. Turns out the stressing was for nothing. We had a fabulous time. There was lunch and goodies for snacking on. Then open access to MaggieGraceWorld. That really was a vulnerable feeling - to open my studio. It's such a personal place for me and initially it felt like I was opening up for critiques. I know that is not what happens, but sometimes it feels that way. It's almost like I think I have to explain why things are done like they are.

Enough of that - fears unfounded - it was a wonderful day.

We had a chicken and rice stew. A crockpot meal. Easy and it kept me from being sequestered in the kitchen, I was able to eat and visit with my friends.

I love these little thrifted heart plates. Actually all of the dishes were thrifted. Love that.

The table set up. Yup that chair is torn - actually they all are - that will be remedied one weekend really soon. I have the vinyl - but have not had the money to have the chairs rechromed. Now I think I will just spray paint them and cover them and call it DONE.

There were goodies to share - Thanks to VERY MARY for the thank you note cards that I used. Go ahead - visit her - then link to her shops and spend money. Cool stuff to be had.

Standing on the chair - you can see my island covering in the background - huge stash of fabric stuff under there.

Only and artsy fartsy person would pile adhesive on a plate and call it a centerpiece - right. We did decide that since I used a doily - I could proclaim to have gone "ALL OUT" on the centerpiece.

We were together all afternoon - 4 bloggers plus my friend Becky for lunch. And there are very few pictures. I did run in and out as did almost everyone - pulling from the studio and adding to what I had dragged into the house already. We all got caught up in what we were doing and in visiting with each other - that I almost forgot pictures completely.

That's Lannae. She's a jewelry designer. Go visit - spend money there too. She felt way out of her element working with paper. Here she is studying just what the crap she has gotten herself into.

This is Carrie. She was prepared with pictures of Liv's 1st birthday. So she went to work pronto and made a feature piece for Liv. Bright colors. Fun Stuff. Just wait 'til you see the outcome of her work.

I have no idea why there is no picture here of Jennifer working. Sorry honey. She was our real artist. She paints and does all kinds of mixed media work. Fun stuff. Yes please - go there - link to her shop - spend money.

Lannae decided to glue her tags to the canvas and paint them - the look was cool cool.

I made coffee for Jennifer. She stained her white and blue toile tissue paper with the coffee. Yummy - I love toile and this was aged beautifully.

Carrie finished early - boo - she had to leave us way to quickly - but work called and she works inside the 285 loop in Atlanta. Just look at cutie pie - she is adorable.

We did remember a picture of us before she left. Carrie - if I didn't tell you - I love that pendant you had on. I also adore those gorgeous red curls she sports - mmmmm.

One last picture of Miss Carrie. I really do wish she lived closer.

Here is Lannae's finished canvas. I'm telling you right here - there will be copying of that background technique on my part. That was phenominal . We did sort throught jars (multiple) for bottle caps that were not of the BudLight version. Also - I think of all the things I learned in the process - the slightly worn look of that embossing for the word was a favorite. It was a happy accident, but to me it looks like a sign that has aged over time.

And Jennifer's piece. Funny story about that book cover. She was struggling with making her's come together and we decided a book cover would be perfect. So off to the barn I went. I brought back several books and this was the ONE. A very aged cover of a dictionary from the free bin at the Habitat ReStore. Jennifer could not bring herself to destroy the book. Me - I whacked that cover right off with a utility knife - didn't hurt at all. As quick a she laid it down - that cover "sang" all the right tunes in the piece. Love this one too.

Thank you Tim for taking this picture. Jennifer - your eyes are open and my mouth is closed - how hard was that to make happen.

The basics were the same - a canvas - and some tags. Look how varied the outcome can be.

It was a wonderful day - I had a wonderful time - I want to do this again and try and clean out more stash. I'm thinking maybe an afternoon later in the year to make cards.

Thank you ladies for being in my life. For making it brighter and more fun. I love the inspiration you bring. I love the joy you all bring. I hope you all had a wonderful day. I know I did.

Love you all --- Teresa.

Yes there is no close up of mine - I forgot to take pictures of it. Tomorrow.

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