Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have no idea....

I have no idea who I am today. I have no idea who I want to be. I just know that sitting at my desk is not the answer today.

There has not been much MaggieGrace around here. There has been a ton of MaggieGrace happening, but I can't share it, because it is directed at 3 ladies who read regularly.

See - I am having a playdate. And Jen, Lannae, and Carrie (maybe little Liv too) are headed to my house next weekend to play and hang and relax. Four very different people (including me) are gathering for lunch and an afternoon of creative fun.

Do I know what we are making? Not really. I am providing access to MaggieGrace world - art canvases - glue - and die cut tags for everyone. Me - personally - I am working on mini collages on my tags to be assembled onto the canvas. (And there would be pictures of a few of them IF I KNEW WHERE THE HELL I PUT THE ONES I PICKED UP TO TAKE THE PICTURES OF) Seriously - I had them - I cannot find them. I am trying to finish mine to have on display so I can flit about and gather and help them with their searches in my convoluted storage system.

Each of my friends has their own set of tags and I have been sending little emails with pictures for inspiration. Am I putting expectations on anyone - nope - don't wanna do tags - OK - wanna glue them down for texture then paint over them - alright - wanna look through the other dies and punch pictures they might bring for a family portrait collage - fine by me. Embellish - go for it. Shaker simplicity - good there too. Stamping - embossing - whatever they choose. I just wanna hang for the afternoon with three people I like a whole bunch. I do hope these wonderful ladies will bring some of their own goodies to use as well - I always take a bag of "stuff" to art workshops.

I am planning lunch - chicken and rice soup(stew) and a salad. Some sort of fruit dessert. Remember I am dieting. This is not a fancy affair - I'll be covering my dining table with brown craft paper and the napkins will definitely be paper. I am working on a few goodies for each of them. If possible I have asked them to bring snacks for the afternoon and music. I love being exposed to others musical interests and I want to include that love in my afternoon.

Nervous - I am. My list includes items like CHANGE THAT GRODY SHOWER CURTAIN and PLENTY OF TOILET PAPER ON HAND???? My house is old and not nearly as gorgeous as some others - but I love having my friends and my girls friends there. The laughter is contagious and I think that laughter and joy and friendship permeates the walls of a home and becomes a part of the special aura that is my house. I have no closets so there are piles of stuff in every corner - although moving things to the studio has helped that a bit.

Please ladies - put no pressure on yourself - except to enjoy the afternoon. If you finish your project - great - if not - okay (we will pack a "doggie bag" to take to finish it later.) This is about sharing - time - energy - inspiration - stories - encouragement - etc. Hell - if you wanna take a nap with the new pup - we'll let her snuggle on the sofa with you.

Remember when we were young - teenagers talking about boys - hanging out just because we liked to - there you go. That's the afternoon I want you to have.

Have a great evening everyone - I'm heading home to straighten up the pile in the hall - at least to make it into a non - life threatening stack. LOL.

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