Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's the copper top one.

A long long time ago, I was the Bride. But that is not what this post is about. 

Kinda not.

It is relevant ---- 27 years ago I was the Bride. October 12, 1985. A beautiful church. Full of family and friends. And I had a cool-a$$ bouquet for the times. Done in silks around a base of glass flowers that lit up when a switch on a battery pack was flipped (actually is was a slide switch) You can barely see the little lights in the photo above. 

Wedding over ---- settle in ---- pack bouquet in a shoebox ---- yeah I was really very sentimental. Move and move again. Shuffle box. You've got the picture. 

The wedding dress was bagged, along with the veil which was torn at the reception. The decision has been made to use the veil for some things in this wedding (still up for debate at this time). So I went on a search mission in the house for the dress and veil. 

Cedar Chest --- nope.

Attic storage --- nope.

Mama's house --- nope. 

Well --- we have these two cabinets that we built in years ago above our closets. High ceilings - high cabinet - ladder required. The Man at my Address brought in the ladder and I climb to look. Low and behold there is the bag and this box. I literally said out loud "what the crap could be in there".

I opened this shoe box and it is my bouquet. So I get it down too to see if there might be pieces she can use out of it.

I had stored it without taking the batteries out of it some twenty seven years ago. (THIS IS A HUGE NO-NO) 

But the battery pack was in good shape. 

Standing there in my bedroom holding this, I have that moment where I just had to know -----

Wonder if I turn this on, will it still work? No way in hell after this many years. 

So I slide the switch and flip the bouquet over ------


Yes it did --- I could not believe it. 

Of course I took pictures. 

The entire thing still worked. 

How cool is that? 

Needless to say, I'm a DURACELL battery fan for sure now. 

This was a just for fun post today, but hey it was pretty cool wasn't it. 

Have a wonderful one -- 

PS - I'm sending this post via email to Duracell. Hope they think it as cool as I do. 

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