Monday, October 15, 2012

Failures --- and Fabulous Fakes

It's a do it yourself wedding --- actually it's almost a MOM DO IT HERSELF wedding. 
But anyway. 

She pinned this image ...... 

Source: via Molly on Pinterest

And me, being a seasoned crafty person said "sure honey, we can do that". Then I went online and I chased and chased the how to stuff on these. I watch videos and read. 

I chased down the wire needed and already had the hangers from this project.

I sat down with cutters and pliers. I followed those directions from writing out a sample and sizing it like it needed to be. Then I tried twisting and writing with wire ----

And I tried.

And I tried. 

And I got up from it. 

And I came back to it. 

Well you know how sometimes they write curse words like ----- S*&^%( and 

Well people ...... 


I gave up on writing it in one long piece and I tried again -- using individual letters..... 

These were soon added to the pile of wire curse words. 

Then I gave up and sent the text --- I CANNOT do this. We may just have to buy this one. 

I called a friend and lamented --- It's humbling to discover that there is something you cannot do. 

I called another friend who tried to encourage me and said take a break and come back to it. I said in that SUUUUPER sarcastic tone --- I HAVE ALREADY TRIED THAT - THIS DAMNED WIRE DID NOT EVEN WRITE ITSELF INTO A NAME. 

Then I gave up. Stomped off. And took the thinking cap off. (That would be the cap to the bottle of Corzo Tequila. Don't be alarmed, I made myself a small margarita, that's all)

And I pondered and suddenly an idea. 

She really wanted a hanger that said Mrs Larkins. 

I knew I could do this.

I also have a box of these Making Memories Script Letters. 

So I poked through the letters and spelled out the name. 

Wrapped the beads around the pants rail of the hanger. 

Drilled tiny pilot holes for some eye pins. 

Glued the eye pins in. 

I added the letters using jump rings.

Glued a tiny heart to the hanger (just below the hook) 

And ended up with a version of a MARRIED NAME HANGER that this DIY mom could do.

Maybe pinning this one will inspire some others. 

Have a great day. 

Just for the record -- "My name is Teresa and I discovered that I cannot write with wire" 

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