Monday, October 08, 2012

wrist wear

We had an incredibly busy weekend in MaggieGraceWorld. The Softball Princess Fall Family Weekend was upon us. Saturday at her campus, a scrimmage game and a meal. Then Sunday a friendly tournament in the beautiful mountains of north Georgia.

On Saturday, I did NO wedding stuff. I took a pile of patterned tissue squares and an folded a flock of pretty origami butterflies.

I did not put the antennae on them - that will happen tonight.

These are for the tree and my booth at Junk in the Trunk.

I've got a fair number more of these to fold , but hey this is a start.

Shh. be quiet, this little one is resting.

Sunday was a different story.

I had pinned the image above in the inspiration folder for the wedding. The Bride-to-Be liked it and it was decided that this idea will be the corsages for the mothers and grandmothers. I made a sample and used it at a bridal shower a few weeks ago, to see if it would hold up and the flower stay as it need to. Worked perfectly. (that is a great thing.)


I took to my weekend studio space.

The ballfield -- I am no longer at all concerned with what anyone thinks of my working on stuff at a ballgame. I have a schedule for this wedding and it will be here before I know it. As it was I did not finish the seven I needed to --- I ran out of elastic beading thread. But I did get all of them but one which I will finish tonight.

Aren't they pretty.

Between two of the games I slipped into the little town there and did some antiquing.

Cake servers for the bridal cake and the grooms cake and four matching rhinestone buttons for the cake layer ribbons. Those are my next project.

I sure hope this child knows how much love, time and effort is going into this wedding.

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