Monday, October 01, 2012


Well --- well --- well. SERIOUS and I do mean SERIOUS progress happened this weekend with wedding prep. But it almost didn't play out that way.

Last week I send out an invite for a wedding workday. The invite included the bride-to-be, bridesmaids, MIL, stepMIL, friends. Lots of people. Because this was the most overwhelming project for me at this point. And I was "shut-down" because I have a tendency to do that when I get overwhelmed. 

This wall - all 33 feet of it - is to feature hundreds of paper hearts on sticks. Along with a wine barrel arrangement in the middle. (to hide that yellow sign)

I purchased packs of wooden skewers. The father of the bride spray painted them varying shades of white - silver - satin nickle.

There was also paper punching of lots of cardstock hearts. 

All of this happened last week in prep for the work day. 

Then Thursday - the texts started - this one wasn't coming - that one was a nope - sorry we can do it another time. 

People --- I do NOT have room in the prep schedule for another time.

So I kept punching and stacking hearts

400 of them total ---- 

Then on Saturday morning, the Bride-to-Be texts me that she is sick and won't be coming. 


The were ugly texts back and forth. Threats of quitting unless some people decided to help DIY the DIY wedding we are working on. Informing the young lady involved that "playtime" is over. Screaming at the Father of the Bride for going to a softball game that he had no children involved in. Calling friends and then my Mama. LOTS OF HYSTERICAL TEARS. It was not a good morning. 

I kept right on punching those hearts because the damned things HAD TO BE DONE no matter the crisis. 

At that moment I did have some help. It did make me feel a tiny bit better since this help is so danged cute. 

Then the reinforcements showed up ---- My sweet Mama and she made a gallon of her "always makes me feel better" sweet tea and brought it. 

She also brought wit and wisdom. Just saying. 

The Crusty Old Guy showed up too. Wait ---- there is no productivity involved in this picture ---- coffee break time I guess. I am sure he had no idea what he was walking into when he came through those doors. 

He actually hot glued all the sticks to the card stock while I punched the patterned hearts and Mama glue the pretty parts on with help from.....

Wait - how did she get in the pictures? 

The Bride-to-Be sucked it up and came on to help. She took a whole bunch pf ribbing for making her mama mad. And she took it in a very good-natured manner.

The plan is to stand these in boards along that wall. 

Go to this post to see the Pinspiration for this idea. 

Father of the Bride dug in the side room of the barn and found some rustic sawmill slabs for the bases. 

This is the idea we are now working. 

10 foot boards --- with a jack daniels wooden cask planter in the center. 200 assorted hearts stood in little drilled holes in the boards. 

The hearts even look pretty in mass in baskets and other containers where they are waiting for the final touch before being stored. There will be a tiny piece of tulle tied to each one right beneath the heart. 

All shades of white, blue, grey. 

It was a major undertaking. 

It took four of us four hours to assemble these. 

Does not include the hours I spent punching the card stock before hand. 

I think I deserve a floral heart just for me.... 

Don't you?

Oh and Molly, I'm sorry I was mad. It just was way too much to even think about when it was all playing out. 

I love you and I am so afraid of you being disappointed with how this wedding looks. 

Every mama wants to give her child all the hopes and dreams come true that she can. 

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