Wednesday, October 03, 2012

not wedding work

I have not kept it a secret. While I do not push my faith onto others,  I am very much a Christian and very active in my church. Jones Chapel UMC in Danielsville, Georgia. (If you would like to visit with us, please comment. I will happily give you directions and welcome you into our congregation) 

Jones Chapel has a ton of mission opportunities and supporting UMCOR is one of them. 

Right in the midst of all this wedding stuff, I had agreed to make a little jacket for the LAYETTE RELIEF SUPPLY KIT.

We finished up the 400 hearts on Saturday. I painted the chalkboard signs on Saturday. And I started this little jacket. Using scrap yarns and the five rectangle sweater pattern information from the UMCOR site. 

The little jacket is just five pattern pieces ---- two 5 x 10 rectangles for the front -- with little crochet on ties. The pattern instructions said you could do two granny squares for each side of the front or a panel and I simply made up a panel pattern that kinda looked like it went with the granny square feel. 

Two 6x6 granny squares for the sleeves. 

And a 10x10 granny panel for the back. 

I finished it last night and delivered it at around 10pm to the church. simply putting the UMW coordinator's name on the plastic bag it was in. 

So we are adding this one to the DONE list. One more NON-wedding thing to accomplish (a button swap) then back to wedding stuff full speed ahead. 

I do have one more item to share with you from the weekend. I'll finish it up tonight and share it tomorrow. 

Have a great afternoon.

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