Thursday, October 04, 2012

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Well --- what are we going to do......

Her daddy was making signs. 

I had him make one just for this wording. 

Out of the pickets that were just laying around. 

Then there was digging around in the barns and sheds for a dark stain. And her daddy found some --- (I have no idea what color -- it was in the stuff stash) 

Left over night to dry ... 

On Sunday afternoon in the open air studio (the front porch) I used a silver fine point sharpie and an over head projector and laid the wording out. 

Then I took a paintbrush and some SILVER Painters Touch paint. I have sang praises about this paint before. 

I simply added width to the lines of the sharpie lettering.

After it was all lettered, I sent the picture above to the Bride-to-Be. 

She had no idea that it was not really complete.

She text back that the word "here" was out of alignment. 

What she did not know was that I had these metal script letters to add to the bottom and a really pretty heart made from some textured paper. 

Plus another little surprise.

A little something extra along the left side.

Do you guys like it? That border of the lace. I do and she does too. and by using those metal letters that can be removed if need be, the sign can be reused. 

Here's the cool part 

fencing (from the stash)
stain (from the stash)
silver paint (from the stash)
Letters and head pins (from the stash)
Lace (from the stash)
spray adhesive (from the stash) 
paper for the heart ( from the stash)

one more project done for FREE ------

Have a great afternoon.

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