Monday, October 29, 2012

I blame it on pinterest.

Look past the cute little heart suckers.

See the grungy work table. A scavenged piece from a throwaway pile. Dumpster diving monstrosity. Literally disintegrating. 

Now look -- the same table on my front porch - still a work table but with a nice new -AND ALSO FREE -- top. 

Crusty Old Guy has a friend who owns a cabinet shop. Cabinet lumber comes on some NICE pallets with plywood tops on them and he snagged several pallets and took them apart for the plywood. 

So a few screws some rounded edges and sanding and we have a nice solid tabletop. 

Here is where pinterest and my go to learning source Google step in. 

I made a fitted top for the table out of a flat white sheet. 

Then made side panels from some opaque white fabric. 

Then I started the whole stitching and cussing part. 

(Note - cute little reading glasses now required) 

There is no gathering foot attachment for my machine. But I learned a neat trick. Zigzag across dental floss to gather the tulle. If you hold the floss under tension, it kinda gathers itself. 

On the first one i was like "HEY HEY - this is waaay cool" 

I broke threads. And I cussed. I rethreaded the needle again and I cussed. Actually, I used up all of my cuss words for the weekend on this little project. 

As I gathered the tulle, I spread it out along the table top. I was trying to judge when enough was enough. 

Honestly after that second piece -- I had had enough.

Little did I know that the REAL fun was only beginning. And that I would need to "borrow" curse words from everyone's allocation.

I started adding this mountain to the edge of the table cloth along with the solid draped sides. 

After wrangling and using up several of those words, I managed to completely encase the table as needed. I then added beautiful lace top. 

It all fit and the look was like I wanted. 

For the next step, I drilled holes for cup hooks and screwed those in on three sides. Our table goes against the wall so there will be no need on the back. 

Flip the table back over and hang some icicle lights from the hooks. 

Add the now fitted tablecloth and lace topper and then turn the lights out and hope that there will not be the "Mom, I don't like it" look on the Bride-to-Be's face. 

Plug in those lights ------

I am such a happy girl.    

I think it it a reasonable duplication of this ....

Source: via Teresa on Pinterest

One lit party table --- rental. $75.00

ours -- table = free
fabric = sheet from the stash 
tulle = 10.00
lights = 6.00

curse words by mama --- absolutely no charge. 

so for 16.00 I own the table and the cloths. can use it as often as I want - loan it out or even rent it out my self. 

I'm going with this one being a real score.

There was a ton more completed this weekend ---

Til tomorrow.


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