Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The photo is one from Flickr. If you are not already familiar wiht this site, by all means browse through. Plenty of "eye candy" available there.

Have you ever just sat and made yourself be aware? It has happened accidentally to me at times, but I am finding on this quest toward becoming fully mentally and emotionally healthy that I need to make time for this awareness. I read a lot of blogs and I have found kindred souls on this trek. Some do it with "gratitude friday" posts. Some are doing it with the "self portrait challenge". Some have embraced awareness as a part of their daily life for unknown reasons. Some have survived life changing illness that have triggered awareness. That is the category I fall into. I sporadically take part in the "blog challenges" and I am comfortable with the occasional participation.

Today, I am celebrating the awareness of my life and surroundings.

1. I love the color of candlelight through a glass of red wine.
2. I love the sound of the laughter of my loved ones.
3. I love walking in the foggy morning air. The slightly damp feeling of my hair and clothes when I come back in. The shrouded feeling of not seeing everything on my walking path. Of being aware of my breathing and heartbeat, and the strength that my body gains from this exertion. Of not having anything to sort out in my trek today.
4. I love the way a loving and comforting hand touches my face. I try to do this for my girls often too.
5. I love knowing what breathing pattern is truly asleep and what is Abby playing possum.
6. I love the front porch swing at my house. It's where I retreat to alone, I share it with friends and family, and I share it with the kitty cat when she needs it too. I especially love this swing at night, with candles and a drink in my hand.
7. I love being so insync with someone, that you say the same thing at the same time. Or you finish each others thoughts, or you respond to an unspoken need just because you sense it.
8. I love the feel of a pressed and starched cotton shirt as I run my hand across it.
9. I love for someone to play with my hair, brush it off my face, tangle their fingers in it. (I always get a shampoo when I have my haircut because my hairdresser includes a scalp massage with the shampoo.)
10. I love the feeling of losing myself in a song - just because I think it was written for me and mine.
11. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, of pine trees in the air, of suntan oil at the beach, of a fire in the fireplace, of rain in the southern summer heat.
12. I love being quiet enough to hear a leaf falling on the porch.
13. I love the rowdy sound of teenagers filling my house because I know where my children are.
14. I love the words "I LOVE YOU" spoken with heart, soul, and forgivness in them - not just because it seems like the thing to say.
15. Just so you know that I can be as shallow as the next one, I love the way a well fitted bra and panties feel.

These are some things that I am aware of today. Making myself aware brings creativity back to me. I rest better when I can slow my mind enough to just be. I appreciate my life so much more because a well lived life is never about the big things, it's about millions of tiny things recognized.

Your challenge today. Be aware of one tiny thing. Look through the glass of life and realize that some of the contents are beautiful no matter if its empty, 1/2 empty, 1/2 full, or full and overflowing. Mine is overflowing. I am loved by a select few. I am liked by a few more. Even more than that -- I love who I am right now. My life is beautiful.

Have a beautiful day.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

What a beautiful challenge you have given us! I will look at my day with thanksgiving!
Flickr is a fun place to explore!! Eye candy at every stop!

Vallen said...

One never has to go to "deep" to find things to appreciate. Shallow is just fine!!!

zUzU said...

Maggie Grace =^..^=

This post is a delight.
I so agree. The perfect time to think of what you are blessed with (& by) is always right now.

Being in the moment is always a perfect place. I was just thinking recently on the subject of appreciation ... The lifes too short thing and all ... and ::POOF:: I discover your post today!

I simply adored reading it.
And yes, I intend to have a beautiful day.
Thanks for reminding me one is there for the taking any time we want it.

=^..^= zU