Friday, October 27, 2006

Look at this !!!!

I just got these in the mail yesterday. They are from my partner for the textile ATC swap on Swap-bot. Made of felt and flannel and these adorable cartoon type characters. Made by Jane Rennalls. And they came with a note - apology - she was not happy with how these turned out.

I know how she feels. But Ms. Jane, I want you to know they are just wonderful. The flower one has a little pouch that I will tuck things into and my favorite - the kitty looks so smug and self satisfied.

I have completed works and not been happy. I have thrown things away. I have cussed and cried at times over items. Why. Either I did something stupid (story to follow) - was too tired to really focus on what I was doing (story there too) - or was trying a technique that I just didn't grasp (lots of those stories) - or for many other reasons. My biggest reason for being unhappy - comparing myself to some "ideal" standard that usually turned out as a figment of my imagination. I look at several blogs, I have several creative friends, I attend a ton of displays and shows, and I have created a quality code in my mind based on those ideas. Then when I really get to know the people behind the art, I find that they struggle too. That the points don't always exactly match on the quilt. That the genius item on the collage is actually there to cover a really big screw up. That the outcome was not at all what they visioned in the first place. So I have tried to learn to silence the critic inside and just wait and see what the response is before I give up. I do collect input from the trusted few and I try hard not to compare my work against others. (We all know when a piece is ready for the trash though - and I have still thrown several things away.)

Jane - your ATC are beautiful. The work is impeccable. The kitty makes me smile. And that is what art is all about. Thank you so much.

Now stories for a Friday laugh. I got in too big of a hurry and I was tired. Why do I always underestimate the amount of time it will take to finish something? Laura, my beautiful neice, was just a little girl and Aunt Teresa ALWAYS makes something for Christmas. I saw somewhere a sweatshirt with painted tree lights on it. I can do that and that's what I'll make Laura for Christmas. (Note to self - it is always cheaper to just buy the item) SO I purchase - paint - sweatshirt - paintbrush and make myself a pattern for those lights. I did read enough stuff to put something inside the shirt so the paint did not seep through to the back. And I painted the red lights, let it dry. Paint the blue lights. Dry. Paint the green lights. Dry. Paint the orange lights. Dry. Now all the lights are finished. - they need bases and a cord and a plug. New pattern. Paint black bases. Dry. Add the gold glitter paint cord. (Every little girl needs some glitter) It is now very late and I have this really cute sweatshirt almost finished. It only needed the cord plug added. Hubby was watching TV - I am at the kitchen table painting. I have been at this for hours. I should finish this tomorrow. But NOOOOO - I am this close to the finish. I place the pattern where the plug needs to go. Dip my paint brush into the black paint and proceed to leave a drip line across the entire front of this shirt. You cannot remove acrylic paint from sweatshirt fabric. I tried. I cried. I cussed. I threw things. I stomped. I gave husband the LOOK that says "you had better not laugh or say a damn word" and I threw the shirt in the trash. I bought another one the next day and finished it over several days. (learned to take a break) As of right now I know seven children passed this shirt around and wore it. We still laugh about that shirt everytime a child has it on.

I hope you all find humour in the knowledge that we all have issues with our work. that we all messed items up. Missed a deadline. Had to breakout the seam ripper. Somehow knowing that about myself and the close friends I consult, makes it all a little more normal in my studio.

I have to hurry home - I have a package from Vallen waiting to be opened. I will share on Monday what goodies she sent.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Vallen said...

Yea!!! It got there.

bekka said...

the ATCs are lovely. lucky you. i think we always hold ourselves to a higher standard. i'm rarely ever satisfied with what i make. i'm quick to point out the project's imperfections. and somehow i have this break between how i envision things in my mind and how they turn out in reality, mostly due to my lack of skill or whatever.