Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hospitality 101

Aren't the colors yummy. These grow along the fence at work and every morning I think just how pretty they really are. I work in an unconventional environment. (understatement extreme). We sell plumbing - irrigation - pump and well supplies. I am the showroom manager and the only female among many men. I cannot say gentlemen because the language at our counter is atrocious at times. Out behind our building, there are goats and a donkey that belong to the landlord and there are times when we become herdsmen whether we wish to or not. Our fishtank is a toilet bowl and practical jokes are daily. I am not bothered by the testosterone rich environment, so it is a fun work place to be in every day. I have been amused by the stories on blogs about plumbers and contractors, even your worst nightmare pales by the reality. (Corey at Tongue in Cheek earns the prize for best looking contractors)

I do take a lot of ribbing because I'm the only female and I have tried to make it a more refined atmosphere. The showroom is pretty and the homeowners are comfortable here. I have become aware that hospitality is definitely a talent worth cultivating. Why is it that women are more likely to take this talent seriously? I want my home, my office , my artistic work space to be welcoming to others. I want people to be comfortable in my company. At work I do this by buffering the male dominated environment, by offering a sympathetic ear if a customer is struggling with an issue, by gently nudging a decision direction if needed, mostly by giving them well-trained, experienced information for their selection process. At home, I do this by allowing my house to reflect all of its occupants. There are music and sport pictures in the living areas as well as "pretty" creative touches. We all live here and all of our friends are welcome. I welcome others into our life by not agonizing over the small stuff. If you come to my house and there are dishes in the sink, they will most like still be there when you leave because I am going to spend my time visiting with you. We may even add a coffee cup or more dishes to those dirty ones, if you will join me for food. I am no longer embarassed by the fact that I cannot get it all done.

As for my artistic work space. Planning the space in the barn is so much fun. Once I get it all finished I want to have storage, comfy seating for me and visitors (hopefully my girls a lot of the time), work space for me and a visitor if someone woud like to join me, and fun, funky, art pieces to share with all who enter. I want friends and those I love to feel like they can join me there to visit or to work along side of me. Low key and relaxed, a place to get away from the things that drain creativity away. A place that encourages play.

Help me out here. What kind of environment gives you that "warm fuzzy" and welcome feeling? What inspires you? How do you keep it all organized and "pretty" and still have your personality show through? If you were visiting me, what would you like to see, smell, touch, hear, taste?

No the space is nowhere near ready, but I am inviting you and I want you to help me make you comfortable here.

Mail goodies. I am participating in the Autumn Splendor swap on swap-bot and my first cards came yesterday. The top left one is my favorite. I am beginning to have quite a large assortment of ATC and I need ideas for storage and display. Help again. Right nowI have them in photo sleeves in a book, but I really want them to be visible. Ideas???? Again - I want to have those things out that inspire creativity, but I want them displayed in a slightly offbeat way.

Guess that's because I am slightly offbeat in my own way.

Have a beautiful day.

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Sally said...

maybe they could be sewn onto a wall hanging? If coordinated by colour or tone it could look quite nice.