Thursday, October 19, 2006

Looks Like Nothing is Happening at My House

From my blog posts, it looks like absolutely nothing creative is happening in Comer, GA. Not true, it's just that some of these things need to remian a secret for just a little while longer. Add to that fact, it is damp, overcast, and horrible for photographs here.

If you read the Inspirco blog, you know that she has had some negative comments on her blog about getting excited about little things. Josephine has had negative comments about her significant other. There have been many others who have had this problem. I have my own opinions about things. I have ranted and raved here. And with the day I am having, I would love to do it again. But someone would probably have negative things to say about the healthy emotions being expressed.

I love to have visitors here. I love the friends I have made through this medium. People who know me as a living and breathing person have learned even more about me through this site. I do not expect any of these people to always agree with my viewpoint. As in my real life, I will not tolerate attacks though. If you can intelligently express your disagreement without calling me stupid, or crazy, or calling me those things just because I am female and therefore not worthy of my voting rights, I will listen and respect your opinion. Otherwise - I have the power of my delete key and I reserve the right to use it. I do not have to listen to you trash me in person. I will not be treated as second class because I am female. There is a funny story here.

Me and a car dealership service department.

I was having an itermittant electrical problem with my car. The lights would go out. If I hit a bump in the road they would come back on. Now my dad was a mechanic and insisted that we learn and understand how some things work. I have a degree in Electronics Engineering Tech. I was a test and troubleshooting technician for Nuclear Submarine Controls at one time. My expert opinion - a loose connection. So to the dealership I go. More than once. Little boy technician who can plug up a dignostic computer to a connecter labeled test here cannot find a problem. After several trips abput the same issue - here is the conversation.

ME: I know you have not been able to find this problem.

LBT: Ma'am the diagnostic machine indicates nothing is wrong.

ME: It's an intermittant problem. You are not going to find it unless the lights are not working --- RIGHT NOW.

LBT: Ma'am I can only tell you what the machine says.

ME: I want the harness connection replaced. There is a loose connection somewhere and I do not want to suddenly be in the dark somewhere dangerous.

LBT: Ma'am there is nothing wrong with your car. The computer........

I have now lost all of my patience at this time and I interrupt LBT

ME: I don't give a damn what your computer says. I want the wire harness changed. I will pay for the parts and the labor. I am not leaving here without this being done. I have made several trips and I will not make another one on this issue.

LBT: Ma'am (He was always polite in his talking down to me) I cannot correct a problem that doesn't exist. And I cannot just start changing parts.

ME: Listen young man. I am telling you......

VOICE FROM THE BACK: You really should do what she asks.

ME: (thinking finally a voice of reason) Thank you.

VOICE FROM THE BACK: She probably knows more about that car than you ever knew.

ME: (now trying to put a face with this voice from the past) smirk.


VOICE FROM THE BACK IS THE SERVICE MANAGER who knew I would lose it entirely if he did not intervene. Has them change the wire harness and connectors. He was one of my dad's students and knew that I was not crazy. Nor stupid. Nor willing to give up a fight I would win.

Guess what - I was right. There was a loose connection in the harness. Damn - a female with common sense and intuition was right. LBT and his computer were both wrong. Service manager used this as a lesson to teach LBT about not talking down to a customer. The part I have a problem with - this would never have happened to a man, would it?

Any way - back to my point. You don't have to agree with me. But you do have to treat me respectfully to have a place in my world. Otherwise, as quick as you are out of my site, you are out of my mind. And I still reserve the right to hit the delete button.

More MaggieGrace creative goodies to come.

The photo at the top is the International Space Station. We watched it cross our night sky last night. What a thrill.

Have a beautful day.


Vallen said...

Go get 'em girl!!!
I'm sorry that people have made comments to others that are cruel and hurtful. It should be remebered that when we read a blog it's like we're visiting someone's home. That someone should be treated as any treasured host would be.
Is it cold in Georgia these nights. Should I bring a coat?

Leslie said...

Here's one for girls!! You go, girl!

carolyn said...

I think it would be really mean to leave negative comments afterall if you don't like what is being said you don't have to visit. Maybe some folk should learn that if you haven't got anything good to say, say nothing.

Natasha said...

So sorry to hear that you had negative comments, don't let it bother you, you are so insprirational. Also, I love, love, love reading about the car repair kid!!! Made me grin ear to ear!!!