Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday - WIP

Can my child qualify as a WIP? Abby eating breakfast. Nope - she's not sick - this is her eating position almost all the time. I have no idea how it started. But she eats laying down on the sofa all the time. Doesn't matter what the food is either. Cereal, no problem. Steak - no problem either.

If I did this, I would have food all over me and my clothes and the sofa. But she does not make a mess at all.

This looks a mess too. It also does not matter what the temp is - there is always cover on the sofa. Polar fleece or a crochet blanket made by my grandmother. They both cover up every time they sit down. The remote is most likely tucked into the fold behind the cushions too. That gives them the power to torture mom and dad with thing like That's so Raven and Kim Possible.

Molly sits at the end with her feet tucked under her. Abby is stretched out like this. Hardly ever a cross word between them - unless one decides that a highly unladylike "silent but deadly" occurs on the other.

This WIP will continue for years I'm sure. But I do have to say they are my favorite project so far. In all of my artistic endeavors, I have some idea what the outcome will be. With these girls, I am just doing the best I can, praying a lot, and hoping that the mistakes I make will not be too costly in the end. You sure don't get many "do-overs" with children.

Right now it looks like we've done okay. They are both beautiful, good students, respectful, caring girls. I just keep praying they continue on this path.

The real WIP for this weekend. Baby Maggie's quilt, 6 sets of ATC, and all the housework that accumulates through the week.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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