Monday, October 09, 2006


These are out of order - no matter what I try blogger just sometimes does that. I will try and edit the wording to fit the images. I have a serious fabric stash. Boxes and shelves and drawers full. I have been on a "Use What I Have" kick and am using up some of this stash. But the Fabric Fetish Monster required food and in an answer that responds to good karma, the fabric warehouse in Iva, South Carolina has its open to the public weekend. Thus the monster is fed.

I have a soulmate in this fetish. My mother. I can tell you all that had she not been such a wonderful teacher in some areas, my wallet would be so much healthier. She taught me to create and she taught me to read. Both are hobbies that require money. Oh well.

Take a look at the goodies in these pictures. This place is not much to look at from the outside. An old textile mill. looks like a decrepit building. Go up the ramp and inside and its a warehouse that requires (demands) attention. Racks of fabric on the bolts. Bins of end lots, Threads, Notions, Trims, all kinds of stuff for a junkie like me.

Upholstry fabric, satin, shirting, drapes, monks cloth, acres of it. Tapestry panels, miles of trimmings, buttons. Grab bag boxes. The monster is sometimes gluttonous, sometimes the appetite can be controlled. This particular day it was a single 5 yard piece of drapery fabric in a glorious gold with tiny wine colored flowers. I have no idea what I am going to do with it, but it made the Fetish Monster happy, satisfied the sweet tooth, so to speak. A grab bag of wired trim and tassels, and 4 hospital receiving blankets, plain white to embroider for a friend. Grand total for the feast - $19.47 us dollars.

I had emailed a friend about this and told her I would post the next dates. november 2,3,4 and december 7,8,9. I can't go in November but will try for December.

After we left there, we enjoyed a nice long drive through back roads and ended up in Lavonia, Georgia at a new quilt store, Ola's Quilts. The selections are still limited, but growing, it's only been open for 2 months. It is owned by Ola and she is just now starting this venture in her 70's. I hope my dream job is a reality before I get to be 70 something.

It was a beautiful weekend. I have accomplished a lot (thanks to both of my girls for all their help). And feeding the monster has brought a wave of inspiration for some MaggieGrace goodies.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Share with us how you feed your "stash monster".

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Lori said...

This reminds me of the most incredible fabric warehouse in North Carolina, Mary Joe's, only FOUR HOURS AWAY, but well worth it. Sounds like you had a good time feeding that fabric fetish monster of yours.