Friday, October 20, 2006

October gave a party....

From one of my favorite poems. It goes as follows

October gave a party,
The Leaves by hundreds came,
The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,
And leaves of every name.
The Sunshine spread a carpet
And every thing was grand.
Ms. Weather led the dancing,
Professor Wind the band.
George Cooper

I love the imagery of this and that what I tried to capture in the above ATC for the Autumn Splendor ATC swap on swap-bot. The ATC I am posting today fulfil my final swap-bot committment before the holidays. I may join some more after the first of the year.

Last night as I put the finishing touches on these, I was thinking about the party October is throwing. The leaves here are beginning to change, and one of my favorites, is on the way to work, after I drop off the girls. The tree is a brilliant orange and is breathtaking today. The Sunshine here is even a different color at this time of the year. The Weather is a fickle dance partner though, damp, cloudy, brilliant sun, cold mornings, warm days, fog, clear nights -- it would seem that she just can't decide which song she wants to move to. Professor wind brings in the band at my house with the sound of a windchime that is low and resonant, like an ocean harbour bell. The tin roof on the porch has the percussion sounds of acorns and pecans falling off the trees or of the rain falling. If you listen closely you can even hear the whisper of the background music of those falling leaves. All five senses are invited to the party. The sights of the colors, the feel of the changes in the air, the sounds of the nuts dropping off the trees, the smell of evening fires, and the taste of harvest crops in soups and stews. These are all from my celebration inventory today.

I do hope the recipients enjoy these.

The second picture is of textile ATC for Robyn in Australia. They are made from shirt scraps I have. Even the buttons are recycled from old shirts. I find myself returning over and over to textiles and fiber art when I am working. So I am starting to focus more in that arena. I will always be a mixed media artist but with fiber and textile roots.

I also received a wonderful phone call last night from Vallen, who received my pink and brown package yesterday. Thank you for sharing your excitement with me. I am so happy that MaryAnn paired us together. I can see us becoming great friends. You are so very welcome my queenly friend, Vallen.

This weekend I hope to rest, relax, rewind. Maybe get a little work completed in the MaggieGrace Studio. Finish baby Maggie's quilt and start the plan for an opportunity I was presented with this week. I need a little input from you for a part of this planning. I have an idea for a 4 letter word design. I would love to hear your favorite NICE 4 letter word. For example I have already on my list - rest, love, pray, play - please comment with two or three nice four letter words of your own.

Thank you blog friends in advance.

Have a beautiful weekend.


Vallen said...

My favorite four letter word is FOOD.

I knew you had a tin roof, I just knew it!!!! Oh, I think I am a Southerner at heart.

MaryAnn said...

I'm so happy you two are creating a fabulous friendship:)