Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cooking 101

Those who know me, make that those who live at my house, will tell you I can't cook. I can, but seldom do. And when I do, I choose simple, easy to prepare foods. This will never be a cooking blog. but occasionally I will share a recipe that I find easy, quick, and painless.

This apple casserole is one of those. A friend of mine was putting this together on Sunday morning for the doughnuts and devotion class. I eavesdropped on the prep and now I want to share this. We skipped the almonds. Now there are no hard and fast rules about the amount of things you use. More like my mom's little bit of this kind of cooking

You will need.

crescent rolls, apples, bottled caramel sauce, butter, sugar, cinnamon, sprite

Peel and chop the apples. Put on a crescent roll and drizzle with caramel sauce. Roll and seal. Melt spoonful of butter in square baking pan. Roll the sealed apple "dumplings " in the butter and spread in a single layer in the pan. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Splash a 1/4 cup sprite across the mixture. We shook up the sprite and eyeballed this step. Bake according to crescent roll instructions. I just watch until they look done. Take out of the oven and drizzle with more caramel. Serve warm if at all possible. YUM - The picture shows almonds but I skip those.

Perfect for breakfast on a lazy Saturday morning. Add some Southern Pecan coffee and you have a lovely start to the weekend.

Update on Baby Charlie's quilt. Thanks to those who added their thoughts. I agonized over this for 2 hours last night. I dug through the fabric stash. (Remember I am trying to use what I have this month again.) I spread fabrics across the quilt. I begged teenagers for input on what worked. And we came upon a solution, a tiny print in a brown background that was just strong enough. Computer printout of the word LOVE. WonderUnder then zigzagged into place. The arrangement of the letters adds a little movement in the quilt and I started quilting the tree trunk LATE last night. I am really much more pleased now that I have that solved. Sorry - no picture - but I will add one as quick as I get a decent one of it. We have a ball tournament this weekend so I will have time to quilt while watching that.

Tonight is "Trunk or Treat" at our church so there will not be much crafting goodness in my life today.

I hope you get more treats than tricks today.

Happy Halloween.

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Leslie said...

The apple recipe sounds like a peach enchilada recipe I use. It uses Mountain Dew instead of Sprite. What is a trunk or treat? This is the second time I have heard of this activity today but I am unfamilar with what it is.