Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The view into my home's heartbeat. This is from the front porch last night into the living room. This is the room where our homelife occurs. Through the lace of crochet tableclothes that function as my curtains, are the two people who are most special to me. Molly and Abby were on the sofa completely unaware that I was watching.

We are busy - work - sports - church - school - so the time we spend here is precious. Someone has asked me if we ever sit down for a family meal. My answer "we eat together quite often; it just happens in public places."

I sit in my bright red porch swing at night a lot and watch this view. There is a comfort in seeing that my children want to be here instead of "away" with their friends. Their friends are often here. My friends are often here. That's what makes it home.

The computer is in this room. The tv is in this room. My sewing machine gets brought into this room. This is the reading room. Molly beads in here. Abby creates her cards in here. They roughhouse here. We all pile on the sofa together here to watch favorite shows. Dad watches football (if he can get to the remote first) here. We live here.

The decor is eclectic. Reflecting the personalities of those who live here. We are creative souls and we all thrive on bringing new life to those old things. Kind of like the life we bring to this old house.

The walls that make a house do not make it a home. HOME is made one tiny thread at a time. One courtesy - one kind word - one bit of encouragement - one forgiveness - laughter - tears - accomplishment - homework problem - meal - acceptance - you know that this list could go on and on. The true sharing of life with those you care for makes it HOME.

We so often focus on the view from our home. Take a few minutes today and look through the windows into your home. I would love to hear your thoughts on what home is for you and those you love.

Have a beautiful day.

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Jean said...

This is a beautiful post. There is nothing more that can be said! I live alone in my home and really enjoy making it nice but nothing makes me feel better than to know people like to visit here. What ever "stuff" fills my home it can never replace the family and friends that I love.