Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Abstract Melodies

This is one of those skip around - random - abstract posts. You know how abstract art is - sometimes it doesn't seem to go together.
The photo above was taken at the Quilt Show I was not able to attend this weekend. This was one of my favorites of the pictures my friend Lanie sent me of the show. Bold - colorful - a stretch for this area - Athens is a very traditional market.
Randomness I just want to blurt out.
I hate stupid people. I am not talking about truly learning disabled. I will cut those some slack. I am talking about those who refuse to engage their brain when they wake up in the mornings. It took 45 minutes this morning to cash a check at a bank. The most unfriendly environment I have encountered in a service type business in the world.
Why do all the stupid people in the world get in my path when I am suffering from PMS? Because they are too stupid to see that their life may be in danger because I am ready to explode.
Are really cute shoes always uncomfortable??
Does anyone really understand why the time must change THIS weekend? Or is this just another "tax dollars at work" decision?
Why is it that when you get the giggles you cannot regain your composure without walking off?
Does everyone process phrases by conjuring up mental images or is that just me and my friend Melissa? (see question about the giggles)
Why can a man not let a situation go - and just keep on fueling the fire? (see question about the giggles)
Would you like to know what the #@&^& I am refering too? (what triggered the giggles)
Then read on - Warning - this is crude - rude and obnoxious. I told Melissa this and her husband knows she processes mental images so he kept whispering phrases in her ear at the soccer game last night.
Why do men snore when they lay flat on their back??????
Because their balls fall across their butthole and they vapor lock.......
I know - you laughed too.
Have a wonderful day. Sorry for the off colored humour.


MaryAnn said...

Well, that's just totally crass and completely hilarious!

Vallen said...

You just crack me up Miss T. Good for you!!!

Natasha said...

Oh Maggie, I hate to admit it but you gave me a giggle too-now I have to walk away:).

Raesha D said...

Oh My Gosh! HILARIOUS!!! Hubby and I hate stupid people too and, sadly, we have a huge number of them here in Albuquerque:(

lera said...

I just posted info on my blog about the fat quarter challenge that you requested. Hope you will join us.