Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy friday

This was a fun ATC to make. I sat down last night and put this together. Again -USING WHAT I HAD. I love the vintage image and the sarcastic humour of this one. The image is from a 1947 published spelling text book for eighth grade. Seems the males and females could not communicate then either.

I have signed up for three more swap-bot swaps as well. The last time through, I had much better luck so I am trying again. We'll see.

I also completed this baby blanket this week. No "new" money investment on this either. I bought these hospital grade receiving blankets at a warehouse sale for $2.00 each months (years) ago. So when the latest round of aquaintance baby showers started, these are what I am going to do. Crocheted edge, applique emblem or embroidered detail in the corner. Quick and simple. These are a great size too 30 inches by 40 inches so they can be used as lightweight blankets for toddlers too. This heart appliques was made from material I received in a swap. Feels like and older (washed many times) soft sheet. I love sheets that get softer and silkier when washed, reminds me of the cotton nightgowns I slept in when I was little.

Finally, this little bird was singing in the mailbox yesterday. A huge thank you to Dawn (4:53) for this completely unexpected surprise. I sent her a goodie many months ago and this is a return surprise. She is beautiful (like her creator) and immediately went to the fridge door. Where she will live until the studio is complete. Thanks so much my cyber friend. I LOVE her.

Sorry to post quick and run. Seems I am a delivery driver today and I have to go. Windshield time calls.

Have a great weekend.


Roxanne said...

Ha! Love the ATC, that is too cute! Very cute baby gift too. I try to have baby gifts on hand too, seems there are always a new slew of pregnant ladies around here! I also love the bird you received. Sydney has been coloring birds like crazy! I'll have to post her creations soon. Thanks again for the great idea!

Natasha said...

Really cute ATC!! I love the bird, so pretty.