Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bad Influence Mommy Confession

If you are a regular reader, you know that I am very close to my girls. You also know that both of them are good students. We have always stressed doing their best in all aspects of their lives. They are active in church, school, and community, academically successful and athletically successful too. All of this requires an enormous amount of discipline to keep everything running smoothly.

This amount of involvement also requires Mom and Dad to be committed and disciplined too, and we take this parenting job seriously.

So why the title above?

Well Molly had three soccer games, two proctices, and a two day weekend volleyball tournament several weeks ago. Add church and you have the potential for a meltdown. She had a huge heritage project due as well.

Many of you also know that my Dad died when I was 15. We did not remain close to his family. As a result of that I did not have photographs of relatives.

For her project, she had to create a scrap book. Big problem - what do we do????

She and I talked about it and here is where the bad influence Mommy comes into play.

We layed out our family tree very accurately. Back four generations on both my side and her Dad's side.

Then we (I) went online and googled "vintage photographs". I wetnt throught the images and found a website that sells vintage photos.


Printed the photos. Trim. Scrapbook embellish. Label. ADOPTED RELATIVES. And turned this project in.

Now I am sure we would have liked these people. But we do not know them. I do not advocate this approach as appropriate. But it was a source of continual amusement, while we were working on it. Molly turned in the project. And we (she) made and A+. The comment sheet was funny too.

Hang onto this. I holds wonderful family memories and is something you will cherish always. Great job -

Molly did not tell the teacher that the wonderful family memories had nothing to do with those people in the pictures, but were the pictures themselves and the way we ADOPTED those things to complete this project.

The only reason I tell you this story is to encourage you to be close to your children. Be willing to work alongside them. We amy not have true ancestors represented in the pictures in her scrapbook, but we do have real memories there. I want my girls to have the idea that we are a close family. And the indications are right now that they feel like we are.

Have a great day.


Vallen said...

I'm all for making up family members. we are kind of short on picyutres, too. I think I might be tempted to put in someone a little bit famous. Heck, why not?

Roxanne said...

What a cute story! Memories in the making!! Thanks for another great lesson on how to be an awesome mom! I truly appreciate them. I'm off to play with my kid!

Jean said...

Great story! That was a tough assignment in this day and age when some kids don't even know who their parents are. Great way to handle a difficult situation!

Natasha said...

Oh I love this story!!! I think it was sheer brillance to adopt relatives and I also think this will only remain, not as a bad influence, but as a laughable memory!! Way to go!

Metallyptica said...

I find it so amusing to adopt relatives!!
So cute!! :)