Monday, March 12, 2007

Money Has been Spent

Okay, so I have spent months trying to use what I had. And I have done an enormous amount of that. The armoir in the dining room no longer threatens avalanche when the doors open. The island no longer pukes its contents unannounced. There is space to breathe. Progress continues slowly on the studio.
When there is vacant space in your stash storage, what has to happen. You HAVE to fill it up. (Just a joke) I did not spend that much money. But I did buy some fabulous wool Manos del Uraguay Autumn hand dyed yarn. YUMMY.

And on Friday, Molly played soccer in Dawson County. I have been up through there on numerous occasions and there is a quilt shop on the way. Mind you this is a two hour drive from home. I always get past there after hours, but with leaving work early Friday, I was able to stop and spend some time. And money. On Moda Fabric. And an apron book. More about this shop in future posts.

I bought a fat quarter sampler that features the fabrics I have here in the post and some others. And yardage of this fantastic Cowboy and Cowgirl photo print. Too cute. We have two baby boys coming to friends this summer and I am thinking a quilt for each. I will add some chambray shirting to the fabric mix for these quilts. I was thinking a quilt for Best Friend but that just isn't formed in the brain yet. And I have to be inspired for that to occur.

Molly and Abby played a LOT of ball this weekend, so I finished 8 scrap grannies in the wait time between matches and games. Did a TON of driving between home and those locations. Endured the time change - this one wipes me out. And made some cute little birdies (more tomorrow) and gift enclosure cards for the CIP group. Had to come back to work to rest.

So I spent time on the road and money on stash. I guess that makes for a great weekend.

Have a wonderful day.


Vallen said...

As much driving as you do, heck if you added it all up you'd be in California. No games there in the near future?

Natasha said...

Sound like you had a great weekend... fabric+watching the girls+handwork sounds ideal!!