Monday, March 19, 2007

Random Monday Ramblings

This is Earl. He is our mascot at work. Lives in the pasture out back. Talks to us. Greets us every morning. Kids love to feed him so we keep bread and chips and use that activity as bribery for good behavior while mom picks out her materials. Why am I sharing this? Earl gets mail here. At some point in the past Earl's name was given out to someone on the phone as the person in charge here. (We also use Seemore Butts name as well - telemarketers wear us out here) Telemarketers sell those names all the time.

Well Earl got mail last week - from CitiBank business credit card services - seems the jackasses behind the scenes at CitiBank do an awesome job of checking credit. They sent Earl a preapproved CitiBank business credit card with no credit limit. He can earn frequent flyer miles too.

I have a question for you CitiBank. Whose job is it to double check the credit rating on donkeys? Or is it that every name and address you receive, starts getting mail from you? Does this mean that all those "preapproved" credit card offers I receive have no validity either? Just questions for the Jackasses who sent a jackass a credit card.

One prom dress - check. Now for shoes. Tried on several. Knew this was IT when it went over her head. Mon Dieu she is beautiful. Need a hair and makeup appointment. It wasn't even a stressful shopping expedition. And she was serenaded all the way over to the formal wear shop. "Some boy" called her and sang to her. ("Some boy" is the nickname given current boy by her dad.) She laughed and grinned and giggled and blushed. Do you guys remember that first true romance? Not puppy love. The relationship where you are starting to form ideas about lifelong decisions. It scares me as a Mom and yet it fascinates me too. I see her making decisions based on my ideas, others ideas, and her own ideas. Is this where you start letting go? She and I are close and yet she is starting to keep things to herself. I think this is natural and a part of the separation that occurs as children go into adulthood, so it doesn't devastate me. Oh but I do pray, for her and her future mate and the choices she makes for her life.

Last but not least, we squeezed a tiny bit of antiquing in. We are buying Molly a hope chest for her birthday. And this is the everyday dishware she wants to start accumulating. Cannonberg Pottery Pattern Temporama. Aqua and Olive and a Taupe color. The shop we saw it in had it with Aqua Fiesta. Classic and yet trendy at the same time. I do hope to find some pieces of this to have in her chest. Pretty good taste - she has - don't ya think.

Did I create at all? Sure did - finished a crocheted baby blanket edging and the giraffe on my sister's Christmas gift. Photos to come.

Have a wonderful day.


Roxanne said...

What a gorgeous girl - and that dress is fabulous!

MaryAnn said...

The dress is beautiful! Now, just remind her to watch out for those jackasses.

Raesha D said...

Oh yes...very beautful daughter and the dress ain't too shabby either:) I think Earl should go on a little online shopping spree:):)