Monday, March 05, 2007

What I did with my weekend

The local Home and Garden Show. This is what you start with. A 16' x 10' empty space. We hauled the materials out of my store over to the civic center. Then pile the stuff around and try to figure out the best way to put it together.

I had found a landscaping book from the late 40's in a thrift store. Then in surfing the blogosphere I found inspiration at and decided to put up a paper wall. (note I found this adaptation this morning too
I used ornament hooks and unbent paper clips for mine.

A view of the finished space. Lavatories and faucets and toilets (and a tub with a stone decing around it.) Against my "wall" of book pages. The amazing thing - almost every one slowed down to look at the pages. Many, many people asked about them. And that was a great starting point for discussing my wares. So the effect was exactly as I planned.

And apparently the judges panel for the show liked the idea too. Because I brought THIS back to the showroom with me.

If you click on this, you will see my favorite fabric in the world - today anyway. I love the oriental theme of this fabric and the color and the image of the lady. Now to decided what to accomplish with this.

Thank you Elizabeth House for permission to blatantly use your idea in my booth.


Roxanne said...

Wow Teresa!! That looks amazing! Congrats on a job well done. I know I would have stopped dead in my tracks to check out that booth!

Jean said...

Congradulations on the award! You deserve it, everything looks great right downto the fabric!

Elizabeth said...

Your booth turned out great!! So glad to have had a "hand" in it - and congrats on the award - that makes me very happy for you!