Friday, March 30, 2007


A picture of my desk this morning. Fun - isn't it. I spend an enormous amount of time on the phone at work. I doodle while I wait. More often than not those doodles are in whatever ink pen I have in my hand. And they are on my desk pad, the corner of a customer's quote, a file folder, the phone message pad, just whatever is close by.

Well I signed up for a swap over at SwapBot. An ATC swap. I love projects with constraints and this one has a major constraint. No paper layers - only embellishments allowed. You get to use your background and then only embellishments other than paper. So on Monday, I had a brain storm (that is probably what you felt rumble under your feet) and decided to bring my colored pens to work and grabbed a piece of cardstock out of the paper stash. I am going to fill this page with random doodles and use it as my ATC backgrounds for this swap. When I cut it into ATC sized pieces, I will have one of the girls turn it over and put it on the cutter, then I will have no idea which elements will be severed. Flip the pieces over then decide how to embellish. ( I see glitter in the near future.) This sounds like fun to me.

Today is a much better day emotionally. I received the last ugly parent phone call last night. I actually dreaded this one and when it happened, I was ready, so I had no real problem dealing with it. I can now move on in the direction I need to go. Making this decision freed up extra time in my life and I plan to use that time finishing the studio and moving MaggieGraceCreates in a more structured direction. For years I have created as I had time, or I squeezed it into small spaces within other activities. Now I will have dedicated time on Wednesday and Sunday that I will be able to "know" and plan for. I am now poised and waiting for the next door to appear so I can open it readily.

I like 4 more granny squares to finish the ones I need for my afghan. I hope to be able to post that over at CIP on Monday as well as here too. I will have lots of input tomorrow to arrange the squares. Abby has a softball tournament and the girls will help with that. I will take a flannel backed tablecloth and spread them out. Then I can roll it up and keep them in order. A portable design wall. That should be fun.

I hope this finds all of you having a wonderful Friday.


Janet said...

Great idea for the ATC backgrounds! That sounds like fun.
Lucky you to have some pre-determined time set aside for artwork. And I'm sure that next door will be opening very soon.

Vallen said...

I love your idea for the ATC's. I've always wanted to do the Eric CArle kind of thing. Can't wait to see them finished.

Natasha said...

Yes indeed a great idea for your ATC's. I look forward to seeing the finished product!!

I am glad you are feeling better, such decisions that weight so heavy on your heart are so difficult....hang in there!