Thursday, March 29, 2007


Here it is. The yard needs work. Time for a coat of paint. You cannot tell but it is covered in this horrid yellow dust right now. Welcome to spring in the south. Pollen count today - over 5900. I turned the wipers on this morning and the pollen literally caked on the blades.
When we bought this house the yard was "clean swept" - an old southern thing. All of the top soil was gone and what remained was a concrete-hard clay expanse. If it was dry. If it was wet - think slime - slick and nasty. Tthe bare spot you see is the only remining bare spot and we continue to try and get the top soil to stay here. We have put 14 large dump truck loads of soil on this part of the yard. We have sodded and sown grass many, many times. We make progress every year - maybe someday we will get there.
The gravel here is the driveway and the MaggieGrace studio is even with the side porch, just across the drive.
You can see the bench I posted the other day here. And the front porch where I spend a lot of time during some evenings. Complete with porch swing and a screen door that slams. Its a typical southern farmhouse.
I chose this to post today, because it is easy. I am struggling today with some things, so I needed easy. I keep my camera with me all the time and I save some of these kinds of photos for days like this.
I have an enormous amount to say, but I need to sort it out first. I am emotionally tender, fragile even today. I made a decision this week that was hard for me. I resigned from my duties as a youth volunteer at the church. I know in my heart it was the right decision, but it is still hard. I told the kids last night and have taken a little of a beating from their parents about it. I did not leave them alone, if you go back through the archives here, you will find that the church hired a youth minister almost a year ago and eliminated my job as director leaving me as a volunteer.
I am sure more of this will surface here in the next few weeks as I ponder my feelings and hopes and dreams about the next door I will be opening.
On to a nicer note, cruise over and see Vallen . She is putting together a neat ATC swap. I already know where I am going with mine. I have been wanting to make a quiltlet and now I know how I am going to incorporate that desire into a goodie. While you are there. let her know that you continue to remember the Queen Mother, who is still recovering from an infection.
I got the most wonderful package yesterday from MaryAnn. Thank you dear - love the purse - can't wait to fill up my apron pockets with crafty tools, and maybe some lucky person will get a note on one of those fab cards. I have your fabric spread out and I am drooling over ideas.
I still have my spring birdie pattern laying on the table and I am thinking I might have to complete some more birds. Then maybe some fun stars for July. Not really sure.
As for my CIP posting - Go over there next week. I hope to have some wonderful goodies to post by Friday/Monday.
Happy Thursday All - Have a wonderful day.


Vallen said...

Thanks for the plug dear one. Mom is doing so much better. It won't be long 'til she's back home.
I love, love, love your home. It is exactly what I pictured. And remember, one door never closes without another door opening up. Darn, if that isn't always the truth.

Roxanne said...

Your house looks so homey and welcoming. Like anyone stopping by could just relax on the front porch with you and enjoy it. I love front porches. Used to have one in our first house (unfortunately, the porch was about as big as the house!).

Decisions like yours are so hard to make. If you know in your heart it was the right thing to do then everything will turn out just fine. I think today is just one of those days...I'm feeling the same way! Only not from a decision, from the effects of someone elses. Some days we just need to eat chocolate, right!

Take care!

Ann-Margret said...

Hey, friend! I just read this post today and I really feel for you. I'm very involved in my church (AND I'm a pastor's kid!) so I can imagine how hard it must have been to make the decision you made. It will probably take time for everyone to adjust, but "this too shall pass"! :) I wish people would remember that God is in control and He can handle every situation and change and unexpected turn in life. Hang in there! *hug*