Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Some Anthro Love

This image was blatantly swiped from the Anthropologie website. Their tomato wrot iron garden bench. I am in lust over this piece. I cruise through their site routinely and drool. Drool over clothes and home accents and furniture and decor - its a favorite place to play.

Anyway, when I saw this yesterday, I realized how cool my little iron bench really is.
I showed you this in a blurry photo earlier, and alluded to the fact that I would tell this story.

I found this in a antiques shop of my favorite kind. You know the one with the antiques label but really is a conglomeration of true vintage, and junk. This bench is neither. It is of fairly recent manufacture and it was that horrid verdi green finish. Well Ned, proprietor extraordinarie, knows I will love the bench and tries his best fast talk sales pitch. But the bench is green and I wanted a red one.

Fast forward 3 weeks. This bench is haunting me. I go back and ask if he still has it because I don't see it in the shop.

O yea - he has it - AND he went and bought 2 cans of gloss red spray paint AND he painted it red for me. Is he not just awesome.

So now he has a red bench for me to buy and - of course - I did. It now sits in my side yard. I visit with my girls there. I visit with my friends there. We leave packages there for the UPS guy and he and the postman leave bloggy love goodies on it from many of you guys.

Here is the comparison for some real green eyed monster action.

Anthropologie Bench 998.00
shipping to me 150.00
Sales Tax 80.36

Green Bench 35.00
spray paint and labor 10.00

Is the look close enough to make this kind of comparison? I think so.

I think I scored here . What about you????

Have a wonderful day.


Ann-Margret said...

Ummm... your bench is also much nicer! Way to go! :)

Dawn said...

That is one sweet DEAL!

MaryAnn said...

You win!

Roxanne said...

That's a great deal! That is a gorgeous bench! I am such a cheapy - knowing I got such a steal would make me love it even more.

Raesha D said...

Your bench is so much nicer...I like the lines better and it has a fabulous story to go with it too.

kristin ( said...

score-a-rama!! i actually prefer your snail shell shaped one to the heart design of the other...way to go!!

Maize said...

Your bench ROCKS sista!

Great find, great redo! FABOLA!