Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Spring

So sorry these pictures are dark. I took these LATE last night in the dining room. My addition to the spring bird frenzy. I was inspired by Dawn over at 4:53 (see sidebar) and Teresa McFayden. I did simplfiy mine quite a bit.

All of these were made USING WHAT I HAD. Card stock and scrapbook paper. Embellishments and stickers. Stamps - I think this font just screams SPRING and fun.

I wanted to add a little more to the embellishments and I had some milliflora (sp?) beads that came in a grab bag from Fire Mountain. it was so much fun to pour them out and poke through them to find just the right one for each bird's personality.

To pose these lovelies I hung them from my dining room curtain. All of my window treatments are "unique" in their materials. The living and dining rooms are one big open area and there are three windows. Because I am a thrifter/bargain shopper/recycled materials user, I went looking for something different. I found these three lace tablecloths on the clearance shelves at WalMart and they are hanging from three wrot iron plate racks from Tuesday Morning. Total expenditure for three eight foot tall windows $75.00 The light filters through and leaves the most wonderful evening shadows in the room.

Now just so all of you know how "really sick" I am about saving things. The glitter on the wings of these is mixed. I have a jar that I put my glitter back into after the 3 & 4 year olds finish their projects in Sunday School. Once I started the jar, I keep even my glitter remains. I won't even throw the "dregs" of glitter away. That's bad. but I find uses for it all the time. Since it is mixed - it acts as a neutral and I can always just get that jar out at SS and let the kids go to town. I used it here - just because every girl needs some bling.

Since my comments are dwindling. I have decided to jump on the giveaway band wagon. I will draw a name on Monday March 19th at 4:00 pm est and send you one of these happy faces. Some have already been mailed to new homes but I have one left and she needs a new place to sing. So leave me a comment and I will send you a singing bird. (Maybe I'll send a tiny bag of the mixed glitter - shall we call it fairy dust - too.)

Have a wonderful day.


Vallen said...

The birds are phenomenal!! I love glitter so much I hate to waste even a little dot of it. I love it when a piece sticks to someone's face or shoulder or hand and just when they turn a certain way the glitter is illuminated. It's like magic.

Jean said...

Cute birds! I love all the variations of these I'm seeing. Look like fun to make!

lalheg said...

Well how can I resist? Life's a bit wild here at the mo - internally at least

Sending love from the UK

linda sonia said...

Love your little birdies!

linda sonia /

Roxanne said...

Your little birds are adorable! My little girl is crazy about birds right now. I think we might have to try a little kid version of these...probably won't be as beautiful as yours, but I think thats okay! She can't say tweet, so birds around here say beep!

Dana said...

I'm new to your blog via Vallen :)
Your birds are very cute! I'd love to be entered in the drawing!

Thanks for the offer, and thanks for the great blog!


vanessaann said...

hey. your little birdies are sooooo cute! thansk for you sweet comment. how far away are you from marietta. any suggestions as to fun places we might visit?