Monday, June 22, 2009

Driving Mom (crazy)

A wonderful Fathers Day meal. Since my dad is gone, we spent the afternoon with The Man's family. Visiting, laughing, teasing, sharing, loving. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Softball Princess drove us home. This is the view from my seat in the second row of the Expedition. We only had a little issue - namely a turn taken way too fast for Mom and Dad. Even he grabbed his "oh SH*&" handle on that one. I must have been more comfy, because I took pictures and video while she drove. She still has to take her Joshua Law driver ed training before she can take her final exam.

We do have rules that go with her driving me. She can't roll her eyes and say "I got THIS" ( every mother of teens has heard that phrase with the eye roll, right?) - I can say anything I want to. The two most common phrases that I utter are "Abby - Brakes" and "YOU ARE TO CLOSE TO THE EDGE".

I also utter (scream) those phrases to the man when he drives too.

Another Mom was talking about this stuff on Saturday. She thinks we have got it all together since we have an older child. Here is an open comment for Belinda - "go ahead and start praying now, the easiest day was the day you brought her home from the hospital. We don't have any big secrets, we have just cussed more, yelled more, been scared more, and prayed more prayers than you have at this point."

Enjoy the video - have a wonderful day.


Carrie said...

I'm so glad I have 16 years before I have to worry about that. We'll all have Kit cars that drive themselves by then, right?!?

see you there! said...

I laughed when I read your definition of the "easiest day".

So true my "kids" are grown marrieds and it is still true.