Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She's finished...

After being inspired by this (actually everything she has made speaks to me), I dug out a doiley pattern and some thrifted wool. The wool was vintage and had some moth damage, but no eggs, so I used it for the experiment. I simply tied it back together at the damaged spots.

I love this -

It came out about 48 inches diameter. Perfectly sized for shoulders or a lap. I'll be making more of these for baby girls too.

This one will live on my porch swing or rocker. It's mine - ALL MINE - sounds like a two year old doesn't it. Honestly, it has already been used by the girls. I finished it at the softball tournament last Thursday and one of them grabbed and used it in the car as they cooled off on the way home.

This was a very successful test run. Makes me happy and I can't wait until the painter finishes at my house, so I can work on some outdoor living spaces.
Have a wonderful day everyone......


Anonymous said...

Beautiful.....this reminds me of pretty pieces made by my mother and grandmother!!... AA

Carrie said...

beautiful! Is it a circle or 1/2 circle?

Roxie said...

Beautiful. I agree; this definitely reminds me of my grandmother's work.

ellen said...

Oh, my Lord, but this is beautiful.
I could never do this..EVER.
You are so talented.